Wall Protection

Wall Guards

Impact Protection Systems: Pro-Tek wall protection runs the gamut of sizes, shapes, colors and styles. In addition to our unique ability to protect all areas of any facility, the design flexibility of these products is limitless. We offer outstanding protection from all types of abuse, thus dramatically reducing maintenance and repair expenses. Choose from rectangular or curved profiles, many with design options such as grooved surfaces, color accent stripes, 66 standard colors, and custom color matching.

Several wall guard profiles come with our patented Red-E-Clip retainer for installation. Red-E-Clip is the lightweight, environmentally friendly alternative to a continuous aluminum retainer. It also provides impact protection equal or superior to any continuous aluminum retainer. Ten Red-E-Clips? weighing a total of only 12 ounces is enough to install a 12′ length of wall guard. Red-E-Clip saves labor during installation, as well as money in both material and freight costs. Manufactured from recycled material, the Red-E-Clip is the perfect installation option to save your clients time and money. Look for wall guard profiles with a “C” in their product code to designate Red-E-Clip installation.


This sculpted wood chair rail mirrors the shape and style of our BR-400W handrail. Two understated vinyl strips offer protection from direct impact to the wood as well as visual interest.

Dimensions: 3/4″ D x 5 1/2″ H; sold by the foot
Protection Level: Medium – Heavy
Wood Species: Ash, Maple, Oak (others available upon request)


Pro-Tek handrails offer a wide variety of styles, colors and materials for all types of facilities, applications, and budgets. A nearly endless list of product options – including all vinyl, all wood, or a combination of the two, grooved surfaces, color accent stripes, 66 standard colors, and custom color matching – allow for an incredible wealth of design possibilities. The only limitation is a designer’s imagination. In addition, many styles also feature a continuous security bracket for high-risk environments.


Add a touch of class to your wood handrail with our stylishly contrasting stainless steel returns, corners and mounting brackets

Dimensions: 1 1/2″ diameter
Protection: Medium
Wood Species: Oak, Maple, Ash standard (others available upon request)

Bracket options: 

-Glass mount
-International bracket available


Corner Guards

Pawling’s line of corner guards leads the industry in its breadth of application, with suitable options for protecting every type of facility and every application. Whether for a healthcare, educational, municipal or commercial building, you can rely on Pawling’s Pro-Tek corner guards to protect your building from front to back. Choose from flush-mounted or surface-mounted corner guards with styles including vinyl retainer covers, rigid vinyl, polycarbonate, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and rubber. Most styles are available in multiple sizes, angles, and colors for perfect coordination with the rest of our impact protection product line.


These corner guards combine the beauty of refined wood profiles with the strength of sturdy stainless steel inserts to deflect tough impacts. Also available with a bullnose angle (CGWS-275B). Both come with stainless steel top and bottom caps. In standard lengths of 4′ and 8′, these new wood corner guards will fit most environments and add a fresh touch to your décor.

Dimensions: 2 3/4″ Wings; 90° standard angle; 4′ or 8′ standard height




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