Work Platform Lifts

Our experienced technical engineers have designed numerous custom solutions for Work Platform Lifts. They carry personnel in compliance with the requirements of ANSI MH39.1. We offer high-quality and long-lasting custom equipment solutions. Solutions for a wide range of work safety platforms applications including lifting for part assembly, maintenance, and more.

High Travel Work Platform Lifts

Fixed and portable scissor lifts, with and without adjustable shuttle decks, are used to provide assembly personnel with tools of variable vertical and lateral access to all surfaces of an aircraft wing during assembly and inspection.

Parts Picking Lifts

High-travel scissor lifts, both stationary and mobile, are designed to safely raise and lower personnel, desk, and computer. All the while picking parts from an adjoining parts storage rack.

Lightweight Personnel Work Platforms

Fixed and portable scissor lifts with aluminum decks and guardrails reduce overall weight for ease of manual positioning by personnel.

Paint Booth Lifts

Portable or fixed hydraulic scissor lifts with explosion-proof controls, personnel guard rails and interlocked swing gates position workers during the painting and finishing process.

Witness Chair Lifts

used in court rooms to raise disabled or handicapped witnesses from ground level to judge, Low profile hydraulic scissor lifts came to be.

Dock Lift

Pit-mounted scissor lifts at the dock area raise a pallet jack and person to truck bed height. This is for unloading delivery trucks, then lowers them to dock height for receipt into inventory.

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