We’d love for you to ask yourselves, “What am I doing to protect my workshop from injury?” Are you prioritizing your preventative measures? A lot of our products can help businesses with this, whether it’s reducing theft through our durable storage lockers or taking care of your equipment and workforce with the use of protective railing.

As the old saying goes, stuff can be replaced but people are priceless.

But the heavy machinery in your workshop is very valuable to your business, too, often extremely expensive. The bigger the machine the higher the price tag, probably! And it might not be easy to replace. That’s why it is also important to protect your equipment. It can save you money.

Many facilities experience accidents between a mobile machine, like a forklift, and other industrial equipment like a screw conveyor. An accident like that could mean a very high bill for repairs and weeks of waiting on those repairs which halts productivity.

We’re pretty sure we don’t have to convince you of these statements we’ve made. You’ve probably heard it all before. But it’s good to be reminded of potential problems as well as the legal requirements so that we all stay vigilant.

If you are a business who isn’t using any asset protection products around certain machinery or for walkways, we recommend you do so right away. It’s just common sense.

    Portable Barrier System

    Indoor Portable Barrier

    Rooftop Fall Protection

    Safety Netting

    Collision Sentry

    Collision Sentry Corner Pro is the collision warning system designed to reduce or eliminate accidents at blind corner intersections.

    Polymer Pallet Rack Frame Protectors

    Steel Pallet Rack Frame Protectors

    Steel Pallet Rack Frame Protectors

    Hand Rails

    Guard Rails