For efficient material handling, one way shipping and closed-loop shipping, nothing beats bulk containers. Custom Equipment Company provides customization to improve the standard bulk containers functionality, durability and access. If you need to improve or create a new bulk container solution, Custom Equipment Company has the experience and talent to handle it on time and within budget.

    IBC Container

    Liquid IBC Container

    Steel Racks, Wire Mesh/Bulk Containers

    42" Rackbin Containers

    42" Rackbin Containers

    Universal Bulk Container Lids

    Bulk container lids

    Wire Mesh Containers

    Wire Mesh Collapsible Container

    Fixed Wall Bulk Containers

    Fixed Wall Container

    Sleeve Pack

    Bulk Sleeve

    Collapsible Bulk Container

    Collapsible Comtainer

    Collapsible Container

    Collapsible Comtainer