Carts are vehicles typically with 4 wheels but sometimes 2 to transfer or convey products to desired locations. They have many different shapes, sizes and applications, but the basic idea of transporting material (or maintaining a collection of materials in a portable fashion) remains constant. Carts are primarily manually operated by pushing, but there are automated and powered versions available as well. They are commonly constructed from steel or plastic and can be modified to meet specific requirements if a standard configuration is not readily available.

    Motorized Material Handling Cart

    A CEC Employee at Work

    Pallet Mule - Pallet Jack/Truck

    Pallet Mule - Pallet Jack/Truck


    Chill Tray Dolly

    Tugger Carts

    Tugger Cart with conveyor

    Tool & Die Carts

    Tool and Die Cart

    Service Utility Carts

    wesco 2 shelf service cart