Motorized Material Handling Cart

A CEC Employee at Work

Manual material handling represents the largest source of workman’s compensation claims and costs in the US. Encourage safety through injury prevention with Amigo Mobility’s motorized material handling cart. This diverse product line is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and hospitality environments. All Amigo material handling carts have the following benefits: All products are …


Chill Tray Dolly

Used to stack trays, boxes or other containers in order to transport easily from point A to point B. Dollies are typically low profile and do not have handles which is what differentiates this from carts. They typically have framed bottoms with lips to hold similar products of same the same size to make it …

Tugger Carts

Tugger Cart with conveyor

Tugger Carts are carts that can have optional handling for manual movement. But the vast majority of the time this is in conjunction with forklift equipment and/or tuggers. They pull multiple carts with multiple products like a train. Used in super highways within a plant. It is to deliver products to multiple workstations. Often seen …

Tool & Die Carts

Tool and Die Cart

Tool and Die Carts are service carts that make mobility of heavy machine parts easy. Tools and dies go from shop to assembly areas with ease.   Find more amazing products on our Catalog or in our Case Studies!

Service Utility Carts

wesco 2 shelf service cart

Service Utility Carts are General Purpose Carts. Their are multiple shelves available. Find more amazing products on our Catalog or in our Case Studies!