These are used for storing bulk loads that traditionally take up more floor space and/or will not fit into shelving units. These are used in a number of facilities but most commonly used in manufacturing or distribution facilities. These are often stored in most cases on pallets of customer size and specs hence the name ‘Pallet Rack’.

These systems are often used for storing stock to ensure that enough components or products are on hand to meet anticipated demands. Designing the configuration of the storage system also depends on the items? quantities and characteristics, as well as the types of fork truck equipment that will be needed to move them to and from storage. Pallet racking allows for utilization of vertical storage space much like mezzanines do, but for the specific purpose of storing pallet goods.

    Pallet Rack Repair

    Carbon Steel Decking

    High-Density Storage

    High-Density Storage

    Pallet Stop / Flue Spacer

    Pallet Stop

    Wire Decking

    Wire Deck Meshing

    Carton Flow Racks

    carton flow racks

    Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet Flow Rack

    Static or Selective Rack

    CEC Pallet Rack

    Push-back Rack