This shelving system is the most cost effective and simplistic way to store light duty goods. This type of system is comprised of more than one shelf for storage of non-palletized loads, typically hand-loaded, light loads.

There are 2 types of shelving: closed and open. Both types include upright posts, shelves and braces that attach together for horizontal storage bays to support the loads. Open Shelving has open sides and back while closed shelving has closed back and sides.

Industrial shelving is made from heavier gauge materials and accommodates weights of 500 pounds per shelf or greater. Shelves can be subdivided into smaller openings for better organization of products. Systems can be designed any way you like based on your available floor space and storage requirements.

This can be single sided, double sided, high density an integrated with structural platform for multiple levels. All are accessed by pedestrian for stock picking or placing.

    High-Density Storage

    High-Density Storage

    Tool Storage

    Shelving With Drawers

    Sheet Metal Storage

    Sheetmaster 100

    Mobile Aisle Shelving

    High Density Multi-Tier Shelving

    Shelving Multi Level

    Die & Mold Shelving

    Roll Out Shelving

    Open and Close Industrial Shelving

    Closed Industrial Shelving

    MetroMax Shelving

    CEC MetroMax

    Mobile Aisle Storage

    Roll Out