Wire partitions are modular steel systems that are used for safety, security, and separation. Mesh, welded or woven, is securely welded inside sturdy angle frames to create a single wire partition panel. These wire mesh partition panels are then bolted to square steel tubing posts to create a strong and rigid modular wall or enclosure.

Wire partitions are used in manufacturing and warehouse facilities for tool cribs, maintenance equipment cages, and general storage areas. WireCrafters wire partitions are also used to build free-standing, multi-use storage cages and enclosures on facility floors. Secure enclosures are constructed with wire partition panels and used for inventory control where open access to products may be a problem. Wire partitions are commonly used for machine guarding and robotic work cells where safety is a major concern. As a safety product, wire partition panels are bolted to the back of pallet racks to protect personnel in active aisle ways from potential falling objects.

    Holding Cell

    DEA Cage

    Evidence and Secured Storage

    Evidence and Secured Storage

    Server Cages

    Server Cages

    Pallet Rack Backing & Enclosures

    pallet rack enclosure with sliding doors

    Driver Cages

    wire crafters driver access cage

    Tool Cribs & Security Cages

    WireCrafters Secure Storage

    Machine Guarding

    WireCrafters Robot Machine guarding