303234 Bulk Box Container – 30″ x 32″ x 34″


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This 303234 Bulk Box Container is rated for a load capacity of 1,800 lbs. The 30″ x 32″ footprint, 34″ height containers are stackable, easy to assemble and knock down, 100% recyclable, and save on storage and transportation costs. Hand-hold areas on panels provide a comfortable grip for panel movement, and the pallet jack and 4-way forklift access allows for secure and efficient handling.

Specs:  30″ x 32″ x 34″

    • Solid Floor 303234 Bulk Box Container

      A solid floor bottom ensures small parts will not be lost and provides a smooth and even load surface.

    • Solid Floor
    • Interlocking Walls

      Interlocking sidewalls at the corner of the container ensure high load capacity and stability.

    • Interlocking Walls
    • Spring Loaded Latches

      Ergonomic spring loaded latches provide a quick and reliable locking mechanism for both access doors and collapsing sidewalls.



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Additional information

Weight78 lbs
Dimensions34 × 30 × 13 in

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