4845 Bulk Container Box 48″ x 45″


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4845 Bulk Container Box 48″ x 45″ is the standard for industrial applications! 45 x 48 was the original size when introduced collapsible bulk containers in the automotive industry in 1985. They were designed for maximum space utilization on the factory floor, in the warehouse, and when being transported over the road in a trailer. This size helped establish the cost effectiveness of reusable, returnable collapsible bulk containers and set the stage for the development of additional sizes.

4845 Bulk Container

These 4845 Bulk Container Box 48″ x 45″ built in the USA and made to last!


4845 Bulk Container Box 48″ x 45″ are medium-duty material handling containers engineered for long life under general purpose conditions and repeated use. These bulk containers offer superior quality and value, and are also in stock and readily available for immediate shipment. Because they are made from high-density polyethylene, these 1,500 lb.-capacity containers are built to provide years of service under tough conditions. These 45″ x 48″ footprint, 34″ height containers are stackable, easy to assemble and knockdown, 100% recyclable, and save on storage and transportation costs. They have pallet jack and 4-way forklift access for secure and efficient handling. Drop doors on the 48″ sides allow for easy access to contents of the container. These collapsible bulk containers are ideal for storing and handling a variety of component parts, industrial materials, and commercial supplies. Black color. Optional lid.


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Weight127 lbs
Dimensions45 × 48 × 12 in

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