Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System


  • Provides a solution to the expense of solid waste disposal of aerosol cans
  • Complies with EPA regulations 40CFR261.23(a)(6)
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Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System


Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System, cans are not solid hazardous waste, but are fully recyclable.

RCRA regulations require that, unless relieved of pressure, aerosol cans must be packed in a drum and manifested for solid hazardous waste disposal.

Residual liquids, released by Aerosolv® and collected in a drum, may be eligible for reclamation or recycling through a waste handler, resulting in waste minimization credits.

Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System55 gallon drum will collect the contents of over 4000 spent aerosols.

Easily operated by hand. With the press of the handle, puncture pin pierces the can – leaves no sharp edges or crushed metal.

Made of aircraft aluminum, requiring no maintenance. Filter comprises a coalescing lower portion, which removes airborne organic compounds and an activated carbon upper portion which absorbs odor.


Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System




28255 Aerosolv® Counter makes it easy to count and record the number of aerosol cans punctured.



  • Turn spent aerosol cans from a hazardous waste to recyclable steel
  • Mounts on either a 30- or 55-gallon drum
  • Includes two-piece coalescing filter/carbon cartridge
  • Angled pin ensures a clean puncture every time
  • EPA compliant

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Some Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Aerosolv® Aerosol Can Disposal System Item Description

Disposal system deluxe, comprised of puncturing unit with plastic sleeve, color changing coalescing/carbon filter, anti-static wire, goggles, Combination coalescing/carbon filter, non-color changing, Activated carbon cartridge, non-color changing, Color changing activated carbon cartridge, Color changing combination coalescing/carbon filter, Aerosolv® Counter

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