• These divider boxes provide maximum versatility in standard work-in-progress or as a transfer container

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Akro-Grids have intersecting dividers which allows the container to be subdivided in separate compartments as small as 1-1/8″ sq.
Made of injection-molded from high density polyethylene these boxes resist most solvents and chemicals.
Compatible with most racks, shelving and automated material handling equipment.
Available in Red, Blue, or Gray. Dividers and lids sold separately. FOB Shipping Point.

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Surcharge may apply.



Akro-Grid Dividers – To Order, Call 855-905-0875


Akro-Grid Dividers
SKU Fits Akro-Grid SKU # Pkg. Qty. Price Per Pkg
Short Dividers
H41105 H33105 6 $10.07
H41164 H33164 6 $15.30
H41166 H33166 6 $17.18
H41168 H33168 6 $18.45
H41220 H33220 6 $42.43
H41223 H33223 6 $22.84
H41224 H33224 6 $22.12
H41226 H33226 6 $25.00
H41228 H33228 6 $32.85
Long Dividers
H42105 H33105 6 $10.64
H42164 H33164 6 $20.56
H42166 H33166 6 $20.69
H42168 H33168 6 $24.70
H42220 H33220 6 $48.48
H42223 H33223 6 $25.83
H42224 H33224 6 $26.04
H42226 H33226 6 $28.50
H42228 H33228 6 $36.99


Akro-Grid Lids – To Order, Call 855-905-0875Akro-Grids

Akro-Grid Lids
SKU Fits Akro-Grid SKU # Carton Qty. Price Ea.
H33011 H33105 10 $6.64
H33061 H33164, H33166, H33168 4 $10.05
H33023 H33220, H33224, H33226, H33228, H33223 3 $18.07

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Some Akro-Grids parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Akro-Grid Dimensions

10.875"L  x  8.25"W  x  5"H, 16.5"L  x  10.875"W  x  4"H, 16.5"L  x  10.875"W  x  6"H, 16.5"L  x  10.875"W  x  8"H, 22.375"L  x  17.375"W  x  10"H, 22.5"L  x  17.375"W  x  3"H, 22.375"L  x  17.375"W  x  4"H, 22.375"L  x  17.375"W  x  6"H, 22.375"L  x  17.375"W  x  8"H

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