Aluminum Truck Dock Plates


  • The convenient, safe and easy way to access loading docks from trucks
  • 11° bend in the plate allows edges to be flush at dock and truck for smooth material transfer
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Aluminum Truck Dock Plates

Aluminum Truck Dock Plates are lightweight and easily portable by just one person. Checker surface ensures skid-free safe traction. HSDP deck surface can be ordered with a smooth surface with grip tape instead of the checker surface.

Beveled edges reduce tire wear and excessive equipment jarring. Locking legs secure the plate for safe loading and unloading. Complete with carrying handles attached to the locking legs.

Available in steel –
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Aluminum Truck Dock Plates



  • Engineered and built to safely handle heavy forklifts and loads
  • Aluminum checker surface ensures skid-free traction
  • Safety angle under-structure provides reinforcement for heavy loads
  • Dockboard bridges the gap between a truck and loading dock
  • Aluminum for light weight and resistance to corrosion
  • Safety curbs for preventing accidental runoffs and providing visible driving lane


Aluminum Truck Dock Plates
1) Rolling Load Capacity
VEHICLE% of Total Load
2 Wheel Hand Trucks100%
4 Wheel Platform Trucks50%
Pallet Trucks66%
2) Height Difference
Measure the difference in height between the truck and loading dock.

3) Determine Your Model
DO NOT exceed height difference or select too low of capacity.


Call 855-905-0875 to order these optional Aluminum Truck Dock Plate Accessories…Aluminum Truck Dock Plates

Optional Dock Plate Accessories
– Specify On Your Order –
HSDPSmooth Deck Plate$149.99
HSLLSpecial location of locking legs$26.85 / pair
HLHDLExtra pair of locking legs with handles and hardware – Specify leg length$34.95 / pair


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Some Aluminum Truck Dock Plates parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Aluminum Truck Dock Plate Tread Plate Thickness

3/8", 1/2"

Aluminum Truck Dock Plate Size

30"W x 24"L, 30"W x 30"L, 30"W x 36"L, 30"W x 48"L, 36"W x 24"L, 36"W x 30"L, 36"W x 36"L, 36"W x 48"L, 48"W x 24"L, 48"W x 30"L, 48"W x 36"L, 48"W x 42"L, 48"W x 48"L, 48"W x 60"L, 60"W x 24"L, 60"W x 30"L, 60"W x 36"L, 60"W x 42"L, 60"W x 48"L, 60"W x 60"L, 72"W x 24"L, 72"W x 30"L, 72"W x 36"L, 72"W x 48"L

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