APS Full Electric Self-Propelled Stacker


  • AC Drive System
  • Includes battery and external charger
  • 24 Volt Electrical System
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APS Full Electric Self-Propelled Stacker




APS Full Electric Self-Propelled Stacker is designed to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty applications.

Available in either a 2-stage or 3-stage telescoping masts and lift heights ranging from 124″ to 234″.

Adjustable forks and straddle legs.

Key switch, emergency switch and battery discharge indicator.

Travel Speed: 3.75 mph.






  • Five Models To Choose
  • Load Weight Capacity: 3,300 lbs
  • Fork Length: 45.3″
  • Overall Fork Width: 7.9″ – 28.3″
  • Fork Width: 3.9″
  • Lowered Fork Height: 1.97″
  • Lift Heights: 124″H / 156″H / 179″H / 215″H / 234″H
  • Drive Wheel: 9.1″ dia. x 3″
  • Load Rollers: 3.1″ dia x 2.8″
  • Turning Radius: 65.1″ / 70.6″
  • Travel Speed: 3.75 mph
  • Battery Voltage (V/Ah): 24/210 / 24/350
  • Weight lbs. (w/Battery): 2,822 / 2,932/ 3,713 / 3,823 / 3,898
  • AC Drive System
  • Walkie Platform w/Foldable Safety Arms
  • Adjustable Forks and Straddle Legs.
  • Key Switch, Emergency Switch and Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Beverage Holder
  • Standard Battery Compartment Size
  • 24 Volt Electric System


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Some APS Full Electric Self-Propelled Stacker parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

APS Full Electric Self-Propelled Stacker Raised Height

124"H, 156"H, 179"H, 215"H, 234"H

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