Basic Laminate Work Tables


  • Ideal for general use
  • Easy to assemble


Work TablesBasic Laminate Work Tables feature an ergonomic bench size that is ideal for the typical worker. The adjustable height models feature telescoping legs allowing all materials and supplies to be positioned within easy reach. Rounded, T-molded edges on the top protect the corners from edge damage and the worker from hitting sharp corners. Leveling screws adjust for uneven floors.

Custom Design Solutions – whether it means building a workstation to fit a specific space or creating unique solutions for storage or easier access to supplies and equipment, We have the ability to make any solutions a possibility. We can fulfill any request, and address the specific needs of your business.


Basic Work Tables Optional Accessories – Call 855-905-0875 To Order

For use with Basic Work Tables.

Work Table Accessories

Basic Work Table Optional Accessories
AHD-9085-KFSAdjust on demand Ergo Arm and Monitor Holder$251.68
BHD-9091Tape Machine Tray$183.04
CHAM-KBTCLH-KFS-2408Adjust on demand Ergo Arm, Thin Client Holder and Keyboard Tray$502.32
DHSCTR-0505-FLEX14Flex Scanner Arm 14″L$199.68
EHAM-IND-FLEXARMDual Flex Scanner Arm 20″L$104.00
FHAM-KNDL-KFSSmart Device holder with Adjustable Arm and Mounting Bracket$287.04
GHOC-1506Computer Stand$1,014.00


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Some Ergonomic Base Work Stations parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Adjustable Height or Fixed Height

Adjustable Height, Fixed Height


83"L x 33"W x 29"H to 36"H, 68"L x 33"W x 29"H to 36"H, 23.5"L x 33"W x 25"H to 32"H, 68"L x 30"W x 32"H

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