Collapsible Bulk Container 454834 (2 Doors) – 45″ x 48″ x 34″ Blue Extra-Duty


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The Blue Extra-Duty Collapsible Bulk Container 454834 (2 Doors) – 45″ x 48″ x 34″, with a 2,500 lb.-capacity, is made from high-density polyethylene and is built for years of reliable service. Because this reusable container has two drop doors for easy access to contents. A pallet-style base offers 4-way forklift and pallet jack access for secure and efficient handling. This container is stackable, easy to assemble, and knock down, and has a 3:1 nesting ratio maximizes storage space and cuts return shipping costs. This extra-duty container is ideal for shipping, storing components, industrial materials, goods, and supplies. 100% recyclable, Blue color. Optional lid.


    • Fully Articulating Hinges

      Fully articulating hinges on access doors allow the doors to open fully and then lay flat against the container sidewall.

    • Fully Articulating Hinges
    • Solid Floor

      Because of the solid floor bottom, small parts will not be lost and provides a smooth and even load surface.

    • Solid Floor
    • Spring Loaded Latches

      Ergonomic spring-loaded latches provide a quick and reliable locking mechanism for both access doors and collapsing sidewalls.

    • Spring Loaded Latches
    • Made in the USA

      This bulk container is proudly made in America and then shipped all over the world,


DIMENSIONS: Collapsible Bulk Container 454834 (2 Doors) – 45″ x 48″ x 34″ Blue Extra-Duty

Exterior Height34
Exterior Width45
Exterior Length48
Interior Height27
Interior Width41.5
Interior Length44.5
Collapsed Height12.8


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Additional information

Weight122 lbs
Dimensions48 × 45 × 12.8 in

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