Carton Sealing Tape


  • Simple to apply by hand – tears easily
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Carton Sealing Tape


Carton Sealing Tape is a moisture resistant flatback paper tape with an aggressive, pressure sensitive natural/synthetic rubber adhesive.

Designed to offer a positive, attractive seal and excellent adhesion to minimize carton sealing failures and prevent pilferage. Considered by many as the “Industry Standard.”

Carton Sealing TapeExcellent balance of machine and cross direction tensile and tear strength. Remains strong under moist conditions. Product is not repulpable.

Applications: Carton sealing, packaging, silk screening, picture framing, beaming/leasing, splicing, and tabbing



  • Self-adhesive tape applies easily by hand
  • Strong gripping power to seal boxes tightly
  • Simple to apply by hand – tears easily


Order by case quantity only.
Priced per roll of tape.


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Some Carton Sealing Tape parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Carton Sealing Tape Roll Size

2" x 60 yards, 3" x 60 yards

Carton Sealing Tape Number of Cases

1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5+

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