Counterweighted Cranes


  • Provides safe lifting in close quarters
  • Perfect in machine shops, injection mold shops and other areas where legs out front get in the way


Counterweighted Cranes

Counterweighted Cranes are proof loaded at 150% of its rated capacity to insure integrity and is equipped with a safety valve to prevent dangerous overloading.

Hydraulic lift is controlled by a hand pump and precision lowering is regulated by a needle valve.

All cranes are shipped complete with extension boom, safety swivel hook, counterweights, steering handle and roller bearing phenolic wheels.

Exceeds ASME PALD-12 and ANSI Z535 standards. Optional wheels, floor lock and power lift option featuring deep cycle battery — fully automatic charger plus a remote pendant on 20′ coil cord available — Call 855-905-0875 for details.

Steel surcharge may apply.

Counterweighted CranesFeatures

  • 1000-pound capacity at a 24″ load center
  • Lift heights of 66″ and 76″. Forks reach completely to the floor when lowered
  • Hydraulic rams and pedal pumps are oversized for years of trouble-free operation
  • Forks are heavy duty 4″ wide 1″ thick solid steel and adjustable from 8″ to 26-½ ” O.D.
  • Roller chain with over 9000 lb. yield
  • Floor lock is standard
  • 2″ wide phenolic wheels are standard, optional wheels available
  • Battery powered lift models also include a heavy-duty deep-cycle battery and a 10 amp automatic built-in charger
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Some Counterweighted Cranes parts may have sharp edges, so CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Counterweighted Crane Model #s

HB-500CW, HB-750CW, HB-750CW w/Power Lift, HB-1000CW, HB-1000CW w/Power Lift, HB-1500CW, HB-1500CW w/Power Lift, HB-2000CW, HB-2000CW w/Power Lift

Weight Load capacity (Boom in)

500 lbs., 750 lbs., 1,000 lbs., 1,500 lbs., 2,000 lbs.

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