Dependable Straddle Stackers


  • Ruggedly engineered and built to easily handle 48″ pallets
  • Self-contained hydraulic system
  • Adjustable 36″ forks
  • 2000 lb. capacity
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Dependable Straddle Stackers are complete with a heavy duty hydraulic system and powered by an extra large, deep cycle 12 volt battery.

Dual 8″ polyurethane fifth wheel with a spring loaded handle provides easy, pinpoint handling in congested areas.

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Features 5″ diameter phenolic load wheels. Complete with safety screen.

Designed for constant high-capacity performance.

Requires no special training to operate.

24″ load center.

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  • Fixed or adjustable straddle base
  • Fixed or telescoping masts
  • Adjustable 36″ long x 1 1/2″ thick solid steel forks
  • Lift speed: 4″/sec. 1500 & 2000 lb.
  • Hand-operated floor lock
  • Heavy-duty 12V battery with microprocessor charger
  • Turning radius with 48″ load: -106″ aisle with 42″ I.D. base -110″ aisle with 50″ I.D. base -112″ aisle with adjustable base @ 50″ I.D.

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Some Dependable Straddle Stackers parts may have sharp edges, so CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!

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Additional information

Dependable Straddle Stacker Models

42" I.D Straddle For 40"W x 48" Pallets, 50" I.D Straddle For 48"W x 48" Pallets, Adjustable Straddle: 35" I.D. to 50" I.D., 42" I.D. Straddle Telescoping Mast For 40"W x 48" Pallets, 50" I.D. Straddle Telescoping Mast For 48"W x 48" Pallets, Adjustable Straddle: Telescoping Mast 35" I.D. to 50" I.D.

Overall Size

82"H x 48"W x 70"L, 94"H x 48"W x 70"L, 82"H x 56"W x 70"L, 94"H x 56"W x 70"L, 82"H x 41" to 56"W x 72"L, 94"H x 41" to 56"W x 72"L, 133"H x 48"W x 71"L, 155"H x 48"W x 71"L, 133"H x 56"W x 71"L, 155"H x 56"W x 71"L, 133"H x 41" to 56"W x 73"L, 154"H x 41" to 56"W x 73"L

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