DuraBoard® Pegboards & DuraHook® Locking Hooks


  • A complete assembly system for air & electric tools
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Pegboards and Locking HooksDuraBoard® Pegboards & DuraHook® Locking Hooks are designed to fit all 1/4″ and 1/8″ standard pegboards and the polypropylene DuraBoard® pegboard.


Hooks install from the front. Reposition them in seconds as requirements change. Hooks install vertically and horizontally to accommodate almost any tool.


The locking system makes the DuraHook® ideal to support 5S and Lean Manufacturing initiatives. The DuraHook® will “stay put” and never fall off of the pegboard.


The DuraBoard® is ideal for creating tool shadowing using silhouetting/tool shadowing tape.


  • Hooks mount vertically and horizontally in 4 distinct positions
  • Use multiple hooks for large, heavy and odd-shaped items
  • Fixtures install from the front, so no need to remove the board for installation or repositioning of DuraHooks
  • Unique hook styles accommodate the storage of any item
  • Use on any 1/8 In. or 1/4 In. pegboard or DuraBoard
  • It’s enough to handle even the toughest and most daunting of organizational and storage challenges

Steel surcharge may apply.


DuraHook® Double Locking Hooks – To Order Call (855)905-0875

  • The first true patented double-locking hook that fits both 1/8″ and 1/4″ pegboard and DuraBoard® products just by changing the special LocScrews included in each pack.
  • For Pegboard, Tempered Hardware & DuraBoard®.
DuraHook® Double Locking Hooks Selection
SKUDescriptionPack Qty.Case Qty.Price
H711191-1/8″ Single Rod˚1025 Pk$16.45
H711231″ Single Rod 30˚1025 Pk$16.45
H712202″ Single Rod Straight1025 Pk$16.78
H713132-1/2″ Single Rod 30˚1025 Pk$16.95
H713192-3/4″ Single Rod 90˚1025 Pk$17.32
H714134″ Single Rod 30˚1025 Pk$17.50
H716136″ Single Rod 30˚1025 Pk$19.10
H716196″ Single Rod 90˚1025 Pk$19.10
H718138″ Single Rod 30˚525 Pk$17.50
H723182-3/4″ Double Rod 80˚1025 Pk$21.52
H726185-3/4″ Double Rod 80˚1025 Pk$29.28
H728188-1/4″ Double Rod 80˚525 Pk$22.00
H731051/4″ – 1/2″ Ext Spg Clip1025 Pk$14.73
H731073/4″ – 1-1/4″ Ext Spg Clip1025 Pk$20.15
H731201″ – 2″ Ext Spg Clip525 Pk$20.95
H763421-7/8″- 2-3/4″ Ext Spg Clip525 Pk$18.12
H732051/4″ – 1/2″ Std Spg Clip1025 Pk$17.32
H732101/2″ – 1″ Std Spg Clip1025 Pk$19.10
H741203/4″ I.D. Single Ring Tool Holder1025 Pk$17.63
H742121-7/8″ Double Ring Tool Holder1025 Pk$20.72
H745551″, 3″, 4″ Single Ring Tool Holder525 Pk$14.43
H721003/4″ Pliers Holder1025 Pk$18.87
H766608-1/8″ Multi-Prong Tool Holder525 Pk$23.72
H766669″ Multi-Ring Tool Holder225 Pk$16.82
H765285″ 80˚ Double Closed Loop525 Pk$27.35
H768288″ 30˚ Double Closed Loop525 Pk$29.53
H752002-1/4″ Curved DuraHooks1025 Pk$18.62
H752303-3/4″ Curved DuraHooks1025 Pk$23.45
H763252-7/8″ -1-3/4″ U-Shape DuraHooks525 Pk$19.05
H7612612″W x 6″D Shelf1$47.40
H76126-212″W x 6″D Shelf 2PK2$71.30
H76126-361) Steel Pegboard Shelf and 36 DuraHooks37$74.85
H76126BK12″W x 6″D Black DuraHook Shelf1$47.40
H76126BK-212″W x 6″D Black DuraHook Shelf 2PK2$71.30
H76126BK-361) Black Steel Pegboard Shelf and 36 DuraHooks37$74.85
H76126W12″W x 6″D White DuraHook Shelf1$47.40
H76126W-212″W x 6″D White DuraHook Shelf 2PK2$71.30
H76126W-361) White Steel Pegboard Shelf and 36 DuraHooks37$74.85
H70016Pegboard Spacer Kits1625 Pk$13.90




Wall Mount Spacer Kit – Totally eliminates framing hassles and expense, requiring no special tools. Includes 16 pieces of each: #12, 2″ length wood screws, plastic wall anchors, and 3/8″ steel wall spacer.

Pegboard Hooks


































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Some DuraBoard® Pegboards & DuraHook® Locking Hooks may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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