Eagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments


  • The EG3 has a 1,500 lb. capacity per drum
  • Heavy Duty — Single Clamping Mechanism
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Eagle-Grip® 4 Series AttachmentsEagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments top of lift truck incorporates heavy-duty Eagle-Grip® double articulating clamping mechanisms for handling any steel, plastic or fiber chimed drums in high volume applications.

These attachments provide the safest available method of lifting and transporting any chimed drum with a lift truck.

The clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical requiring no hydraulic or electrical connections. Each drum is gripped with two upper and lower jaws in heads which are spaced about 6 inches apart.

The swivel action of the Eagle-Grip® 4 Series is operator friendly permitting pickup of misaligned or slightly separated drums.

The Eagle-Grip® 4 Series is strongly recommended when handling fiber and plastic drums in excess or 600 lbs. and light gauge open head steel drums.


Eagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments Cover

Eagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments CoverFeatures

  • EG3 Heavy-Duty Automatic Single Clamping Head

  • 1500 lb/680 kg Capacity per Drum

  • Handles Any Size Chimed Steel, Plastic or Fiber Drum

  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Belt Cradles Eliminate Cosmetic Dents and Abrasions to Drum Surface

  • 12-Month Unconditional Warranty

  • OSHA requirement Safety Chain with Cam Lock Attaches to Lift Truck in Seconds

  • Available as Single or Double Drum Attachments

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SRC OPTION: All metal surfaces which can contact a drum being lifted or released are non-ferrous stainless steel with non-sparking alloy clamping jaws.  Includes an anti-static rubber belt which rests against the lower side of the drum when lifted.

Eagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments Cover

QUICK-CLAW OPTION: Eliminates the need for operator dismount from the lift truck to install the OSHA requirement safety chain. Quick-Claw Cam Locks automatically lock the attachment onto the lift truck blades when the attachment is lifted. A safety chain does not come with the Quick-Claw option. Fork pockets extension is to 43″ in length.

Options Available
SRCSpark resistant clamp option (per clamp)$400.00
QCQuick Claw™ Safety Restraint System (excludes CM)$700.00


Available Options For Select Eagle Grip Attachments
SNon-Intrinsically Safe Scale System: Doran 7000XL Indicator$3,000.00
ISIntrinsically Safe Scale System: Rice Lake 882IS Indicator$5,000.00


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Some Eagle-Grip® 4 Series Attachments parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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