Fiberglass Reinforced Tape


  • Strong filament fibers for extra-heavy binding
  • Super-adhesive action for maximum gripping power – needs no water
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Fiberglass Reinforced TapeFiberglass Reinforced Tape provides extra strength as needed. Use this super-tough filament tape for heavy boxes, lumber, steel, tubing or even for emergency repair work.

Keep a handy supply around your shipping dept. or maintenance area.

Applies easily with durable metal dispenser.

Reduces pilferage – once tape is pulled off, tape cannot be resealed. Resists moisture, chemicals and oil.  Clear color.

Stands up to temperature extremes. Super adhesion to corrugated board, paper or metal.


Roll Sizes –
.5″ x 60 yards (72 rolls per case)
.75″ x 60 yards (48 rolls per case)
1″ x 60 yards (36 rolls per case)
2″ x 60 yards (24 rolls per case)




  • For UPS, Freight or Postal Packaging
  • Use for emergency repair work
  • Reduces Pilferage
  • Resists moisture, chemicals and oil
  • Withstands extreme temperatures


Order by case quantity only.
Priced per roll of tape.


Call 855-905-0875 for exact shipping charge.


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Some Fiberglass Reinforced Tape parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Fiberglass Reinforced Tape Roll Size

.5" x 60 yards (72 rolls per case), .75" x 60 yards (48 rolls per case), 1" x 60 yards (36 rolls per case), 2" x 60 yards (24 rolls per case)

Economical Poly Tape Number of Cases

1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5+

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