Heavy Duty Bulk Box Lid 48″ x 45″


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48″ x 45″ Heavy Duty Lid for Standard Bulk Box

Shipping protection for heavy-duty machinery, large parts and bulky items. This lid fits all standard 48″ x 45″ containers. Useable for one-time or multi-use packaging and shipping. Also, this lid is great for protecting stored items from weathering and contamination.

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*These Heavy Duty Lid are manufactured at time of PO and can take extended times to ship because of current Resin shortage*



  • Long-term reusable, returnable. Save on return freight and storage
  • Compatible with most Collapsible Bulk Containers
  • Nestable to save space
  • Adds 2 1/4″ to height of Bulk Container.
  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Top of lid, drop doors and side panels must be upright and fully locked in place for Stacking

Standard Bulk Box Lid 48″ x 45″

External Dimensions (Outside Top)
Internal Dimensions (Fits)
Adds to Height1.3″
Weight** lbs.
Volume** cu. ft.
Other Features
Tare Weight39 lbs.
Return Ratio**:1

We offer both custom thermoform and structural foam universal Bulk Container Lids for most all containers in the marketplace today. Our custom thermformed lids for the 32×30 & 48×45 collapsible containers are Universal and are virtually non-destructible in comparison to standard structural foam lids. For ergonomic purposes they are much lighter than the structural foam lids as well. If you have a custom requirement we can also design a lid to meet your requirements as well.

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Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions48 × 45 × 3 in