Heavy Duty Wagon Trucks


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  • Fifth wheel steering provides greater maneuverability under heavier load conditions and over uneven surfaces
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Heavy Duty Wagon Trucks



Heavy Duty Wagon Trucks steering mechanism turns a full 360 degrees, providing the shortest possible turning radius.

Double grip T-Bar handle allows for 2-man operation.

Pan style steel deck with 1-1/2″ lip or flush deck.


Heavy Duty Wagon TrucksFifth wheel steering describes a type of steering where the front wheels and axle assembly pivot on a center point, which is referred to as the fifth wheel. Because the steering wheels encounter less friction when turning than would be encountered in a swivel caster, wagon trucks with fifth wheel steering can be easier to maneuver under heavier load conditions.



Heavy Duty Wagon Trucks


  • Easier to maneuver with fifth wheel steering
  • T-handle with vinyl hand grips
  • Full 1” diameter axles and roller bearing wheels
  • Structural channel undercarriage for heavier loads and durability
  • 12 gauge, reinforced steel deck
  • Deck available with flush edges or 1-1/2”
    retaining lips
  • Your choice of wheels:  12” x 2-1/2” mold-on rubber – 3,500 lbs. capacity, 16” x 4” pneumatic – 3,000 lbs. capacity, or 12” x 3-1/2” pneumatic – 2,000 lbs. capacity



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Some Heavy Duty Wagon Trucks parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Heavy Duty Wagon Truck Wheel Models

Pneumatic 12" X 3.5" Wheels, Pneumatic 16" X 4" Wheels, Mold-On Rubber 12" x 2.5" Wheels

Load Weight Capacity

2,000 Lbs., 3,000 Lbs., 3,500 Lbs.

Deck Size

24"W x 48"L, 30"W x 48"L, 30"W x 60"L, 36"W x 72"L

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