HLH Series Work Carts


  • Hydraulic lift carts with casters
  • Hydraulic/Manual Foot Pump
  • Additional sizes available


Work CartsHLH Series Work Carts aluminum pump and steel body offers increased durability and lighter weight.

HHLH-S100 and HHLH Light models come with collapsible handle.

Convenient, easy loading and movement of items.  Perfect for warehouse facilities, stock rooms and any storage facility.

All carts have overloading prevention, oversized casters and foot pedal height adjustment.

Springback release handle in all models assures safety by preventing unintended lowering.

Powder coated finish on all models.

Up to 2,205 lb. lift capacity and 64.1″ extended height.



  • Compact
  • Space saving
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Swivel casters with brakes
  • Foot pedal for easy height adjustment
  • Overloading prevention device
  • Springback mechanism in the release handle
  • Turbine oil: ISO VG22
  • Pump: Urethane type resin spray painting
  • Cylinder: Urethane type resin spray painting
  • Main body: Baked melamine / Powder coating
  • Additional sizes available


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Some HLH Series Work Carts parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

HLH Series Work Cart Models

Standard, With Bellows

Weight Load Capacity

176 lbs., 264 Lbs., 330 Lbs., 440 lbs., 551 Lbs., 771 lbs., 772 lbs., 1,102 lbs., 1,103 lbs., 1,653 lbs., 2,204 lbs., 2,205 lbs.

HLH Series Work Carts Platform Size

13.8"W x 22.4"L, 15.7"W x 28.3"L, 19.7"W x 31.5"L, 19.7"W x 23.6"L, 23.6"W x 35.4"L, 23.6"W x 47.2"L, 20.5"W x 33.5"L, 37.4"W x 23.6"L, 23.6"W x 37.4"L, 59"W x 23.6"L, 29.5"W x 23.6"L, 23.6"W x 41.3"L, 41.3"W x 23.6"L, 53.2"W x 23.6"L, 53"W x 23.6"L

Raised Platform Height

23.6"H, 28.3"H, 50.4"H, 57.4"H, 31.4"H, 64.1"H, 31.4"H, 41.7"H, 36.6"H, 47.2"H, 67.9"H, 39.4"H, 48.8"H, 57.5"H, 31.7"H, 63.97"H, 41.73"H, 36.7"H, 67.9"H, 47"H, 36.4"H, 39.3"H

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