Hopper Front Stacking Bins


  • Bins resist oil, grease and are unaffected by most chemicals
  • Ergonomic design, recessed grip handle on back for easier handling
  • Extra durable double-wall construction, made of polyethylene

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Hopper Bins

Hopper Front Stacking Bins are plastic stackable bins, ideal for small parts storage in shelving units, bin racks and bin carts.

Bins can be labeled to optimize production processes and increase productivity.

Don’t buy cheap imitations that will break at first use.

Available in Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow.

Bin covers are available – Call 855-905-0875 for details.

See related items below for Dividers for Hopper Front Stacking Bins.


Hopper Bin Dividers




Hopper Front Stacking Bin Dividers
To Order, Call 855-905-0875

Dividers For Hopper Front Stacking Bins
SKU Fits The Following Hopper Front Stacking Bin… Weight Lbs. Price Ea. 
HLFDV0503.WHI HLF060503    (5″W x 6″D x 3″H) 0.1 $3.30
HLFDV0605.WHI HLF090605   (6″W x 9″D x 5″H) 0.1 $2.10
HLFDV0806.WHI HLF140806   (8″W x 14″D x 6″H) 0.3 $3.20
HLFDV0808.WHI HLF140808    (8″W x 14″D x 8″H) 0.4 $4.30
HLFDV0606.WHI HLF200606    (6″W x 20″D x 6″H) 0.2 $5.10
HLFDV1206.WHI HLF201206    (12″W x 20″D x 6″H) 0.5 $6.60
HLFDV1208.WHI HLF201208   (12″W x 20″D x 8″H) 0.6 $6.00
HLFDV1812.WHI HLF201812    (5″W x 6″D x 3″H) 1.5 $8.10

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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Weight N/A
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Hopper Front Stacking Bin Dimensions

4"W x 4"D x 2"H, 4"W x 6"D x 2"H, 5"W x 6"D x 3"H, 6"W x 9"D x 5"H, 8"W x 14"D x 6"H, 8"W x 14"D x 8"H, 19"W x 14"D x 6"H, 6"W x 20"D x 6"H, 12"W x 20"D x 6"H, 12"W x 20"D x 8"H, 12"W x 20"D x 12"H, 18"W x 20"D x 12"H, 18"W x 29"D x 12"H

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