Industrial Poly-Box Trucks


  • Long-Lasting, Lighter-Than-Steel Bodies
  • Vertical Ribbing Provides Extra Rigidity
  • Dimensions include casters: For 3″ casters – subtract 4″ for body depth. For 5″ casters – subtract 6.5″ for body depth
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Industrial Box CartsIndustrial Poly-Box Trucks heavy-duty body is mounted on an all-welded steel dolly, with four corner-mounted, easy-rolling casters.

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Vertical ribbing provides extra rigidity to the molded polyethylene body.

These Poly-Box Trucks offer maximum durability and longevity at an affordable price.

Standard gray color ­– other colors available upon request.


Steel surcharge may apply.


HUT-30 and HUT-45 feature a molded notch for easy access.

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Industrial Poly-Box Covers
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Industrial Box Carts

Industrial Poly-Box Covers
SKUUse Cover w/Below Poly-Box SKUSizeWeightPrice
HPBL-4HUT-433″L x 21″W6 Lbs.$49.00
HPBL-6HUT-633″L x 23″W6 Lbs.$50.00
HPBL-7HUT-737″L x 24.5″W7 Lbs.$52.00
HPBL-8HUT-36″L x 24″W9 Lbs.$61.00
HPBL-10HUT-1038″L x 29″W11 Lbs.$71.00
HPBL-12HUT-1238″L x 28″W11 Lbs.$72.00
HPBL-14HUT-1444″L x 32″W15 Lbs.$77.00
HPBL-16HUT-1645″L x 31″W15 Lbs.$82.00
HPBL-18HUT-1846″L x 34″W17Lbs.$87.00
HPBL-20HUT-2046″L x 34″W20 Lbs.$93.00

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Additional information

Poly-Box Truck Dimensions

33"L x 21"W x 20"H, 32"L x 23"W x 24"H, 37"L x 24.5"W x 24"H, 36"L x 24"W x 27"H, 41.5"L x 29.5"W x 23"H, 38"L x 29"W x 31"H, 55"L x 23"W x 31"H, 38"L x 28"W x 34"H, 44"L x 32"W x 35"H, 58.5"L x 29"W x 32"H, 45"L x 31"W x 36"H, 46"L x 24.5"W x 43"H, 46"L x 34"W x 37"H, 46"L x 34"W x 39"H, 62"L x 32"W x 33"H, 63"L x 35.5"W x 40"H, 71"L x 43"W x 42"H, 71"L x 48"W x 37"H, 70"L x 55"W x 49"H, 84"L x 50"W x 37"H

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