Industrial Work Benches


  • Built for heavy-duty support and working surface-handles loads up to 3000 lbs
  • Perfect for assembly or maintenance work
  • Made in the U.S.A
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Industrial Work Benches are designed for hard work and durability.  Made of 12 ga. steel top, 16 ga. stringers and shelves.  The top, stringer, and legs are standard bench components and are all reinforced for additional strength.  All benches 96″ or longer have 3 bench legs.  Available in Steel Top or Maple Top. Custom design, laminate and compositions available – call for more information.

13 colors available at no additional cost:
Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Putty, Dark Green, Vista Green, Dark Brown, Beige, Orange, Red, Black, White and Yellow

To order these colors, add the SKU to your shopping cart and indicate the desired color in the comments section.

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Standard GRAY units will ship QUICKER.
Custom colors available at an additional cost.

Call (855)905-0875 toll free to order Industrial Work Bench Accessories

Shelves and Side & Back Stops must be ordered with Work Bench.  Color of Shelf, Side & Back Stops will be the same as the work bench.

Drawers, Adjustable Legs and Setup must be ordered at the same time the work bench is purchased, and will be the same color as the work bench.  Steel top benches are shipped set up.  Maple Top benches have the choice of knocked down or setup.


Optional Drawers
H1416-114″W x 15D x 5″H”$89.30
H1421-114″W x 23D x 5″H”$121.97
Optional Adjustable Legs
SKUBench WidthPrice
HABL-248″, 60″ or 72″$56.71
HABL-396″ or 120″$84.54


Work Benches

Optional Side and Back Stops
For Steel Top Industrial Work Bench
SKUBench SizePrice
H2448S24″ x 48″$62.43
H2460S24″ x 60″$70.01
H2472S24″ x 72″$77.60
H2496S24″ x 96″$106.03
H24120S24″ x 120″$120.63
H2848S28″ x 48″$71.99
H2860S28″ x 60″$79.56
H2872S28″ x 72″$87.14
H2896S28″ x 96″$106.03
H28120S28″ x 120″$120.63
H3448S34″ x 48″$79.66
H3460S34″ x 60″$87.23
H3472S34″ x 72″$94.81
H3496S34″ x 96″$111.30
H34120S34″ x 120″$131.23
For Maple Wood Top Industrial Work Bench
SKUBench SizePrice
H2448W24″ x 48″$62.43
H2460W24″ x 60″$70.01
H2472W24″ x 72″$77.60
H3048W30″ x 48″$71.99
H3060W30″ x 60″$79.56
H3072W30″ x 72″$87.14
H3096W30″ x 96″$106.03
H30120W30″ x 120″$120.63
H3648W36″ x 48″$79.66
H3660W36″ x 60″$87.23
H3672W36″ x 72″$94.81
H3696W36″ x 96″$111.30
H36120W36″ x 120″$131.23


Work Benches

Optional Shelf
SKUBench SizePrice
HSH-4824″ x 48″$63.60
HSH-6024″ x 60″$76.86
HSH-7224″ x 72″$92.37
HSH-9624″ x 96″$123.34
HSH-12024″ x 120″$154.31
HSH-4828″ x 48″$63.60
HSH-6028″ x 60″$76.86
HSH-7228″ x 72″$92.37
HSH-9628″ x 96″$123.34
HSH-12028″ x 120″$154.31
H3448S34″ x 48″$63.60
H3460S34″ x 60″$76.86
H3472S34″ x 72″$92.37
H3496S34″ x 96″$123.34
H34120S34″ x 120″$154.31


Custom Design… All items can be modified to suit your needs. Call (855)905-0875 for information.

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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.

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Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 18 in
Steel Top or Maple Top Bench

Steel Top Bench Set Up, Maple top Bench Knocked Down

Bench Size

24"D x 48"W, 24"D x 60"W, 24"D x 72"W, 24"D x 96"W, 24"D x 120"W, 28"D x 48"W, 28"D x 60"W, 28"D x 72"W, 28"D x 96"W, 28"D x 120"W, 34"D x 48"W, 34"D x 60"W, 34"D x 72"W, 34"D x 96"W, 34"D x 120"W, 30"D x 48"W, 30"D x 60"W, 30"D x 72"W, 30"D x 96"W, 30"D x 120"W, 36"D x 48"W, 36"D x 60"W, 36"D x 72"W, 36"D x 96"W, 36"D x 120"W

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