Label Holders For Plastic Bins


  • Adjustable label holders for high or low wire shelving
  • No more climbing or bending to read or scan labels
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Label Holders

Label Holders For Plastic Bins label holders snap into bin slots to protect label or barcode, so you have easy access for scanning.  They are packed 25 per package with ample laser inserts for cost effective designation changes.  Replacement laser inserts on perforated letter size cover stock sold separately, so you can add more labels when necessary.

The white paper inserts that come with the Label Holders For Plastic Bins can be used to keep your warehouse or store orderly, therefore making it easier to identify the goods.  They will fit nicely if you simply snap them on the wire edges.  These plastic transparent label holders are long-lasting and easy to use, additionally saving time when positioning.

Label HoldersIn addition to providing an organized look, these economical label holders save time, and money.  Each clear plastic holder lets you slide labels in and out in seconds.  Labels remain uncovered, similarly they are great for barcode scannability.

These label holders organize shelves quickly and economically, above all saving time and money.  Just remove old labels and add new labels whenever needed!  These label holders are perfect for warehouse or store product and inventory identification, in addition to giving you confidence for a clean, precise presentation.

Label Holders


  • Organizes racks and shelves quickly and economically
  • Labels are barcode compatible and remain uncovered – Great for barcode scannability
  • Easily relocate tags when moving inventory
  • Great in warehouses, offices, conference rooms, garages or utility storage
  • Slide-In, tri-fold configuration seals and protects the label
  • Clear, UVI, Heavy Duty Material
  • Retrofits most major manufacturers’ standard bin slots
  • 25 per box

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Label Holders For Plastic Bins

Additional Label Inserts
Product SKUDimensionsPkg. QuantityPrice
HLI-753-24.75″ x 3″2500$22.00
HLI-103-201″ x 3″1000$22.00
HLI-204-121.75″ x 4″600$22.00
HLI-204-122″ x 4″600$22.00
HLI-208-102.25″ x 4″2500$22.00
HLI-35-43″ x 5″200$22.00
HLI-58-25″ x 8″2500$22.00
HLI-753-24.8″ x 3″1200$22.00
HLI-103-201″ x 3″1000$22.00
HLI-1183-161.25″ x 3″800$22.00
HLI-1204-121.75″ x  4″600$22.00
HLI-1204-122″ x 4″600$22.00


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Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 18 in
Self-Adhesive or Fits Shelf Bin

Self-Adhesive, Fits Shelf Bin


.75" x 3", 1" x 3", 1.75" x 4", 2" x 4", 2.25" x 4", 3" x 5", 5" x 8", .8" x 3", 1" x 3", 1.25" x 3", 1.75" x 4", 2" x 4"

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