Lift Stiks


Ideal for:

  • Stock rooms
  • Test and measurement stations
  • Office supply rooms
  • Electronic assembly areas
  • Computer and server rooms




Lift Stiks


Lift Stiks are versatile, lightweight lifter/transporters with capacities ranging from 150 lbs. to over 400 lbs., in other words, one person can handle large loads!

Features a continuous lifting chain, providing two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops as well as precise load positioning with zero drift, so you can move precisely.

Lift Stiks



All models come standard with 1/2” thick plastic platform and fixed steel forks, so you can be assured of durable wear.

Lift Stiks

Above all, there’s never been a more versatile lifter/transporter than the Lift Stik series of small lifters. With weight capacities ranging from 150 lbs. to over 400 lbs., therefore these sleek, user-friendly machines can handle large loads.


A continuous lifting chain provides two vertical travel speeds with smooth starts and stops, so you can be in control. It also allows for precise load positioning with zero drift therefore, because it’s mechanical, there’s no risk of hydraulic fluid leaks, so the Lift Stik is suited for a wide range of light industrial, laboratory and even office applications.

The narrow mast design allows operators a clear view of where they are traveling, therefore you can avoid hitting other objects. Two fixed and two swivel casters give Lift Stiks exceptional maneuverability, so you can work in congested areas. Rear wheels are equipped with toe guards and foot-operated floor locks, so you can work safely and securely.

Lift StiksFeatures

  • Lift heights up to 65″ in addition to a continuous lifting chain providing two vertical travel speeds
  • Smooth starts and stops and precise load positioning with zero drift, so payloads remain safe
  • Loads are centrally and evenly distributed over all 4 wheels, therefore providing maximum stability
  • Push-button corded remote control mounted on handle, so you can maneuver easily
  • Two-speed function, both up and down
  • Integral battery charger, so you can charge up anytime
  • Battery charge indicator is easily visible, so you know when you need a charge
  • Ball bearing wheels roll easily on all surfaces, in other words you have great versatility
  • Rear wheels equipped with toe guards, so you have extra protection
  • In addition to the mast, the motor covers are sealed
  • Mechanical overload protection, so you know your limits
  • In addition, all models come standard with a platform mounted on the forks


Options For Lift Stiks


Lift Stiks Options

Lift Stiks
Lift Stik with Reel Mandrel



Reel Rotator with Expanding Mandrel
For Models: HPLS52-185, HPLS60-220 ….. Wt. 50 lbs.

Reel Mandrel – 1-3/4” diameter – 27” length
For Models: HPLS52-185, HPLS60-220, HPLS48-450 ….. Wt. 17 lbs.

Reel Mandrel – 1-3/4” diameter – 18” length
For Models: HPLS52-185, HPLS60-220, HPLS48-450 ….. Wt. 15 lbs.

V-Cradle, Stainless Steel, 360° Rotating
For Models: HPLS52-185, HPLS60-220, HPLS48-450 ….. Wt. 10 lbs.

Lift Arm with Eye Bolt –10-3/4″ (distance to hook)

Lift Arm with Eye Bolt –13-3/4″ (distance to hook)

Low Profile Server Platform – 13-3/4″W x 19-5/8″L x 5/8″ thick


When selecting options, please contact us at 855-905-0875 for pricing and to determine suitability and capacity.





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Some Lift Stiks parts may have sharp edges, so CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Lift Stiks Dimensions

60"H x 18"W x 27"L, 60"H x 19.5"W x 31"L, 63"H x 23.5"W x 31"L, 76"H x 23.5"W x 33"L, 63"H x 22"W x 40"L

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