Louvered Hanging Systems


  • Maximize parts storage and handling efficiency
  • Secure stationary racks to the wall or floor and wall-mountable panels to a solid structure
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Bin Hanging SystemsLouvered Hanging Systems provide more Options to Organize More Efficiently!

Redesigned construction allows a more finished look, while still providing the same strength and durability of other panels.

Set up time and installation are quick and easy.

These new panels and racks will help you make optimal use of your available space. Model numbers H30161, H98600 and H98636 ship by truck.

Gray in color. Select items available in Beige.

Louvered Panels and Bench Racks – Louvered panels used with AkroBins offer the ultimate in storage flexibility.

Surcharge may apply.



Quantities of Bins to Fit Louvered Floor Racks, Panels and Bench Racks
Bin#/Cap. Lbs.Floor Rack H30653
Single Sided Floor Rack
Double Sided Floor Rack
Heavy Duty Single Sided Floor Rack
18 x .313 x 61 Louvered Panel
36 x .313 x 61 Louvered Panel
18 x .313 x 19 Louvered Panel
35.75 x .313 x 19
Louvered Panel
Bench Rack
Bench Rack
H30210 / 10 lbs.28896192144489616323040
H30220 / 10 lbs.28896192144489616323040
H30224 / 30 lbs.1927214498367212241824
H30230 / 30 lbs.144601087230549181218
H30234 / 50 lbs.144601087230549181218
H30235 / 50 lbs.7228563614283969
H30239 / 50 lbs.7224483612244868
H30240 / 60 lbs.7224483612244868
H30250 / 75 lbs.36122418612244
H30255 / 60 lbs.48183624918366
H30320 / 80 lbs.102011



Louvered Hanging System Mobile Kit
Also Available To Order, Call 855-905-0875

For use with Louvered Hanging Systems.

Bin Hanging System Mobile Kit

Mobile Kit for Louvered Hanging Systems
SKUFits Bin Louvered Hanging SystemDescriptionPrice
HLVDMOBILEH30676Mobile Kit for Louvered Hanging System$519.17



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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Louvered Hanging System Description

Louvered Floor Rack, Louvered Rack, Single Sided, Louvered Rack, Double Sided, Heavy Duty Louvered Rack, Single Sided, Louvered Panel, 27.75" Bench Rack, 36" Bench Rack


32"L X 35.75"W x 75.125"H, 36.19"L X 13.5"W x 66.375"H, 36.19"L X 25"W x 66.375"H, 35.75"L X 17"W x 75.125"H, 18"L x 0.313"W x 61"H, 36"L x 0.313"W x 61"H, 18"L x 0.313"W x 19"H, 35.75"L x 0.313"W x 19"H, 27.94"L x 8.56"W x 19.56"H, 36"L x 8"W x 20"H

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