Louvered Panel Racks


  • Constructed of 16 gauge steel
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Louvered RacksLouvered RacksLouvered Panel Racks accommodate all sizes of Hook-On-Bins® (Bins are sold separately.)

Purchase tray shelves as an accessory.

Storage Bins and Shelving Video

Includes 1/4″ holes for wall mounting – Does not come with hardware.

Durable, texture powder coat finish

HLPRDS-34.5X68-95 – Double Side Unit.

Steel surcharges may apply.

Storage Racking Video



Panel Rack BinsLouvered Panel Rack Hook-On® Bins
and Dividers
– To Order Call (855)905-0875

  • Durable copolymer plastic molding
  • Back tabs allow Hook-On® Bins to hang on louver panels
  • Specially mold top edges allow stacking on any shelf
  • Front edge angle makes it easy to see contents and to pick parts
  • Additional ribbing and double wall front is in the design for strong rigidity and to prevent warping
  • Slots in front hold identification tags, cards, or labels
  • Molded finger grips make handling easy and comfortable
  • Model HPB30250-21 has slots for 3 dividers – all other models can accommodate 1 divider
  • Place dividers horizontally or vertically
  • Divider break away features allow sizing of the dividers, so you can access all products when bins are stacked
  • Fits neatly on the other cabinet and shelving brands
Hook-On® Bins and Dividers for Louvered Panel Racks
SKUDimensionsColorCarton Qty.Price

Hook-On® Bins

HPB30210-214″W  x  5″D  x  3″HYellow24$1.90
HPB30220-214″W  x  7″D  x  3″HYellow24$2.42
HPB30230-216″W  x  11″D  x  5″HYellow12$7.31
HPB30240-218″W  x  15″D  x  7″HYellow12$14.12
HPB30250-2116″W  x  15″D  x  7″HYellow6$25.09
HPB30210-174″W  x  5″D  x  3″HRed24$1.90
HPB30220-174″W  x  7″D  x  3″HRed24$2.42
HPB30230-176″W  x  11″D  x  5″HRed12$7.31
HPB30240-178″W  x  15″D  x  7″HRed12$14.12
HPB30250-1716″W  x  15″D  x  7″HRed6$25.09
HPB30210-524″W  x  5″D  x  3″HBlue24$1.90
HPB30220-524″W  x  7″D  x  3″HBlue24$2.42
HPB30230-526″W  x  11″D  x  5″HBlue12$7.31
HPB30240-528″W  x  15″D  x  7″HBlue12$14.12
HPB30250-5216″W  x  15″D  x  7″HBlue6$25.09
SKUDimensionsColorCarton Qty.Carton Price


HPB30161-08Vertical Divider for HPB30210-21Black6$13.66
HPB30166-08Vertical Divider for HPB30220-21Black6$16.54
HPB30171-08Vertical Divider for HPB30230-21Black6$19.04
HPB30176-08Vertical Divider for HPB30240-21 and HPB30250-21Black6$31.36
HPB30162-08Horizontal Divider for HPB30210-21 and HPB30220-21Black6$5.70
HPB30172-08Horizontal Divider for HPB30230-21Black6$9.57
HPB30177-08Horizontal Divider for HPB30240-21Black6$16.18
HPB30178-08Horizontal Divider for HPB30250-21Black6$31.09

Louvered Panel Rack Hook-On-Trays®
– To Order Call (855)905-0875

Panel Rack Bin Trays

Hook-on trays are made of 16 ga. steel.
Wire drop handles come on all hook-on trays.

Hook-On-Trays® for Louvered Panel Racks
HDSH-124-9511″W  x  3.75″D  x  1.5″HPowder Coat Finish12 Lbs.$20.15
HDSH-184-9517.25″W  x  3.75″D  x  1.5″HPowder Coat Finish16 Lbs.$28.18


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Additional information

Louvered Panel Rack Models

Free Standing, Wall Mountable


17.25"W x 20"H, 17.25"W x 68"H, 17.25"W x 64"H, 34.5"W x 12"H, 34.5"W x 20"H, 34.5"W x 68"H, 34.5"W x 68"H Double Sided Unit, 34.5"W x 64"H, 46"W x 20"H, 46"W x 64"H

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