LW-PX900PCD Labeling System


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  • Label Editor Software Download Included
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LW-PX900PCD Labeling System represents the flagship of the LabelWorks PX industrial labeling fleet.  It is designed with innovative features that save time and tape, so you can work efficiently and effectively.  The LW-PX900PCD kit features high-speed print output, so you can print precise labels, bar codes, QR codes and wire identification.  In addition to this versatility, it is faster and provides better detail than other printer models.  All of this printing power is packed into a rugged body.  Moreover, it meets MilSpec drop test specifications and is fully-backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

The labeling kit is ideal for intricate computer and communication system wire labeling, warehouse inventory management and safety labels.  In addition to organization and uncomplicated management and tracking of supplies, computer accessories/wiring, and inventory, the LW-PX900PCD Labeling System is a necessary tool.  Above all, it’s the ideal solution for any business dealing with large numbers of SKUs and complicated computer systems.  Essential for organization meaning easy and efficient work flow, in other words… Less mistakes!

LW-PX900PCD Labeling System Kit Includes:

  • LW-PX900 Portable Industrial Label PrinterLabel Maker
  • 1-212BWPX 1/2″ tape cartridge
  • USB Cable & AC Adapter
  • Magnetic Attachments
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Label Editor Software Download
  • Rugged Plastic Carrying Case
  • User GuideLabel Maker






– Includes Lifetime Warranty –

Label Maker

VINYL PX and Industrial PX Tape Cartridges

Supply is available in multiple color combinations – call 855-905-0875 for more information.

Product #Tape Size and ColorPrice
H212VTBWPX**Vinyl PX Tape Cartridge1/2″ Black on White$16.99
H218VTBWPX**Vinyl PX Tape Cartridge3/4″ Black on White$20.99
H2124VTBWPX**Vinyl PX Tape Cartridge1″ Black on White$20.99
H2136VTBWPX**Vinyl PX Tape Cartridge1-1/2″ Black on White$28.99
H209BWPX*Industrial PX
Tape Cartridge
3/8″ Black on White$20.85
H212BWPX*Industrial PX
Tape Cartridge
1/2″ Black on White$20.85
H218BWPX*Industrial PX
Tape Cartridge
3/4″ Black on White$24.85
H224BWPX*Industrial PX
Tape Cartridge
1″ Black on White$24.85
H236BWPX*Industrial PX
Tape Cartridge
1-1/2″ Black on White$34.50

* Supply is available in multiple color combinations – call for information
**Supply available in “black on white” and “black on yellow”


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