M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders


  • Easy to use foot pedal activated lockstep
  • Choose from 14″, 21″ & 28″ D top step
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Rolling Safety Ladders



M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders are made from rigid 1″ OD tubing – handles 450 lb. loads.

Features Serrated Grating, Expanded Metal, Perforated Step or Abrasive Mat treading.

30″ handrails – measured vertically from front of step.

Gray powder coat finish.

Ladders ship unassembled.


Rolling Safety LaddersFeatures

  • 450 lbs. capacity
  • Easy to use footpedal activated lockstep
  • High quality casters with bearing and dust cover
  • 14″ deep top step
  • 21″ and 28″ deep top step available (specify when ordering)
  • Ladders ship knocked-down for freight savings
  • Fully assembled ladders available – specify (SU) set-up
  • Expanded metal tread standard or specify alternate tread
  • Manufactured with rigid 1″ OD tubing
  • 30″ handrails
  • Available with Rear Guardrail removed for easy walk through
  • Gray powder coat finish
  • Built to OSHA and ANSI standards
  • CAL OSHA available


  • For fully assembled ladder see Related options below to order.
  • Built to OSHA and ANSI standards. CAL OSHA available for 6-9 steps and 10 steps – see Related options below to order.

Options for M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders
Call 855-905-0875 to order.

Options for M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders
HM2000-CAL OSHA 6-9CAL-OSHA (6 – 9 Steps)$104.03
HM2000-CAL OSHA 10+CAL-OSHA (10 – 15 Steps)$162.09
HM2000-SULadder Shipped Set Up$100.40

Surcharge may apply.


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Some M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

14", 21" or 28" Deep Top Step

14"D Top Step, 21"D Top Step, 28"D Top Step

16" or 24" Wide Tread

16"W Tread, 24"W Tread

Base Width and Length

24"W x 43"L, 24"W x 49"L, 24"W x 55"L, 24"W x 61"L, 30"W x 42"L, 30"W x 49"L, 30"W x 55"L, 32"W x 61"L, 32"W x 68"L, 32"W x 74"L, 32"W x 80"L, 32"W x 87"L, 40"W x 94"L, 40"W x 100"L, 40"W x 106"L, 24"W x 50"L, 24"W x 56"L, 24"W x 62"L, 24"W x 68"L, 32"W x 50"L, 32"W x 56"L, 32"W x 62"L, 32"W x 68"L, 32"W x 75"L, 32"W x 81"L, 32"W x 87"L, 32"W x 94"L, 40"W x 101"L, 40"W x 107"L, 40"W x 113"L, 24"W x 57"L, 24"W x 63"L, 24"W x 69"L, 24"W x 75"L, 32"W x 57"L, 32"W x 63"L, 32"W x 69"L, 32"W x 82"L, 32"W x 88"L, 32"W x 101"L, 40"W x 108"L, 40"W x 115"L, 40"W x 121"L

# of Steps

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Step Tread Style

(G) Serrated Grating Tread, (X) Expanded Metal Tread, (P) Perforated Tread, (R) Abrasive Mat Tread

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