Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler


  • Ease truck loading and unloading with this rugged dockleveler
  • Engineered and designed for minimum maintenance
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Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler

Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler springs lift dock through a graduated cam ensuring a uniform vertical force. Easy walk down.

All heavy duty construction features. Platform is 1/4″ non-skid diamond plate (55,000 PSI) steel. 6″ structural steel support under-structure for long life.

Mechanical Hinged-Lip DocklevelerLip is 16″ long with 55,000 PSI steel. Includes steel toe guards on both sides, flush with platform edge.

The most dependable dockleveler on the market today. 20,000 lb. load capacity. Capacities to 50,000 lbs. available. Contact for details



  • Ease truck loading and unloading with this rugged dockleveler
  • Engineered and designed for minimum maintenance
  • Latest design features ensure smooth operation – pulling recessed chain releases deck allowing it to go up
  • Includes two laminated bumpers 10″H x 14″D


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Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler Accessories…


Weather Stripping

  • 2 precut side strips
  • 1 precut foam insulator from rear of pit and installation hardware
  • Factory Installed

Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler

Weather Stripping
HWS-5-DVPit 50″ Strip 41″$64.91
HWS-6-DVPit 62″ Strip 53″$72.88
HWS-8-DVPit 85″ Strip 77″$79.81
HWS-10-DVPit 110″ Strip 101″$96.93


Mechanical Hinged-Lip DocklevelerEmergency Stop

Safety is always important, whether in your lab or in a state of the art machine. Emergency stops can prevent major accidents.

Emergency Stop
Price   –    $324.97


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Custom Equipment Company
Custom Equipment Company HELPS!

Some Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Mechanical Hinged-Lip Dockleveler Sizes

6'W x 5'4"L, 6'W x 6'4"L, 6'W x 8'4"L, 6'W x 10'4"L, 7'W x 6'4"L, 7'W x 8'4"L, 7'W x 10'4"L

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