MLI Heavy Duty Powerful Electric Mechanical Lift Tables


  • This series of lift tables are heavy-duty and could be used up to 100,000 cycles continuously
  • Additional sizes available
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Electric Mechanical Lift Tables Electric Mechanical Lift Tables, MLI series is a low cost equivalent to the hydraulic lift. Available in three voltages – 115V single-phase, 220V three-phase, and 460V three-phase with a minimum/maximum limit switch.

This series of tables is designed to offer maximum ergonomic flexibility with no risk of contamination with hydraulic fluids.

These all-electric lift tables offer the user a large range of capacities and table sizes than other manufacturers in the small lift segment.

Adjustable travel height limit switches.

Comes with foot controller and 78″ cord, power cord approx. 10′ in length.





  • Compact
  • Space saving
  • Lowered heights ranging from 6.1″ to 16.5″
  • Raised heights ranging from 27.6″ to 70.9″
  • Three voltage levels available:
    • 115V Single-Phase
    • 220V Three-Phase
    • 460V Three-Phase
  • Electric Mechanical Lift TablesWeight Load Capacities
    • 220 lbs.
    • 441 lbs.
    • 661 lbs.
    • 1,102 lbs.
    • 1,103 lbs.
    • 1,654 lbs.
    • 2,024 lbs.
    • 2,025 lbs.
    • 2,205 lbs.
    • 2,491 lbs.
    • 2,500 lbs
    • 3,306 lbs.
    • 4,409 lbs.
  • Table sizes range from 19.7″W  to 59.1″L
  • This series of lift tables are heavy-duty and could be used up to 100,000 cycles continuously.
  • Additional sizes available


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Some MLI Heavy Duty Powerful Electric Mechanical Lift Tables parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

MLI Heavy Duty Powerful Electric Mechanical Lift Table Voltage Models

115V Single-Phase, 115V Single-Phase With Bellows, 220V Three-Phase, 220V Three-Phase With Bellows, 460V Three-Phase, 460V Three-Phase With Bellows

Weight Load Capacity

220 Lbs., 441 Lbs., 611 lbs., 661 Lbs., 1,103 Lbs., 1,654 Lbs., 2,025 Lbs., 2,205 Lbs., 1,102 Lbs., 2,024 Lbs., 2,491 Lbs., 2,500 Lbs., 3,306 Lbs., 4,409 lbs.

Electric Mechanical Lifts Platform Size

19.7"W x 31.5"L, 15.7"W x 35.4"L, 15.7"W x 41.3"L, 19.7"W x 35.4"L, 19.7"W x 41.3"L, 23.6"W x 35.4"L, 25.6"W x 41.3"L, 31.5"W x 35.4"L, 23.6"W x 47.2"L, 23.6"W x 59.1"L, 23.6"W x 51.2"L, 39"W x 52"L, 43.7"W x 51.2"L, 25.6"W x 47.2"L, 29.5"W x 53.1"L, 31.5"W x 41.3"L, 23.6"W x 41.3"L, 31.5"W x 47.2"L, 43.3"W x 51.2"L, 41.3"W x 41.3"L, 41.3"W x 47.2"L, 47.2"W x 47.2"L, 78.7"W x 39.4"L, 55"W x 35.4"L, 25.6"W x 47.2"L, 29.5"W x 53.1"L, 39.4"W x 78.7"L

Raised Height

70.9", 48", 27.6", 36.6", 63", 40", 39.8", 42.7", 35.6", 63", 38.6", 27.8", 39.8", 42.7", 27.8", 49", 40.6"

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