Mobile Wire Shelving Units


  • Choice of casters: Rubber or polyurethane
  • Strong and versatile products


Wire ShelvingWith Mobile Wire Shelving Units select the caster that allows the right combination of rollability and maneuverability to suit your requirement.  Rubber resilient with 200 lb. capacity or polyurethane with 250 lb. capacity.  Casters are swivel and non-marking.

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Open wire design minimizes dust and increases air circulation and visibility.  Post has rolled, circular grooves along its entire height at 1″ intervals.  A tapered split sleeve snaps together around each post.  Tapered openings in the shelf corners slide over the tapered split sleeves providing a positive lock.  Cart is strong and versatile and assembles quickly.  Wire shelving offers hundreds of possible combinations.

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Mobile Wire Shelving Units Features

  • 4 Shelves
  • 4 Posts
  • 4 Casters (2 swivel & 2 swivel with brake)
  • 4 donut bumpers
  • Ideal for warehouse, storerooms, packing stations, restaurants, shipping and receiving departments


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Wire Shelving Split Sleeve
Split Sleeves
Wire Shelving Split Sleeve
Wire Shelving Foot Plate
Floor Plates
Donut Bumpers For Wire Shelving
Donut Bumpers
Split Sleeves
HJ9985Connects shelf posts$3.22
HJ9995ZUse to eliminate two posts per adjacent unit$1.66
Donut Bumpers
HJDBFor use with all casters.$3.58
Foot Plates
HJ9993ZUse to bolt units to floor$6.49
Polyurethane Caster
Polyurethane Caster
Rubber Caster
Rubber Caster
Polyurethane Casters
HJ5PBSwivel With Brake$25.92
Rubber Casters
HJ5BSwivel With Brake$25.25






Wire Shelving Chrome Ledges
4″ Ledge
Wire Shelving Dividers
8″ Divider
                 4″ Ledges 
      8″ Dividers


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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.

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Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 18 in
Units with Rubber Casters or with Polyurethane Casters

Rubber Casters with 4 shelves, 4 Posts, 4 Casters (2 Swivel, 2 Swivel with brake), plus 800 lb. weight capacity, Polyurethane Casters with 4 shelves, 4 Posts, 4 Casters (2 Swivel, 2 Swivel with brake), plus 900 lb. weight capacity

Size Dimensions

18"W x 36"L x 69"H, 18"W x 48"L x 69"H, 18"W x 60"L x 69"H, 18"W x 72"L x 69"H, 24"W x 36"L x 69"H, 24"W x 48"L x 69"H, 24"W x 60"L x 69"H, 24"W x 72"L x 69"H

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