Mobile Wire Spool Racks


  • Ships fully assembled
  • Durable gray, textured powder coat finish

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Mobile Rack

Mobile Wire Spool Racks are 8-rod mobile wire spool racks with two sides of louvered panels.  All are made of heavy duty, all welded 14 gauge steel construction.

Total capacity of 1,200 lbs. 1-1/2″ lip on top of work surface prevents parts from falling off during transport.

Louvered panels on 2 ends, accommodate Hook-On Bins® and metal Hook-On Trays (Bins and Trays sold separately).

Heavy duty handle makes transport easy, adds 6″ to overall width of cart. (8) 23″ removable rods accommodate wire spools. 7-1/2″ between rods, larger spools can be accommodated if some rods are removed.

Recessed rods allow protection of spools during transport.

4 wire guides hang below the work surface for ease in cutting wire. (4) 5″ x 1-1/4″ polyurethane bolt on casters, (2) rigid and (2) locking swivel.

Steel surcharges may apply.



Panel Rack BinsMobile Wire Spool Racks
Hook-On® Bins and Dividers
– To Order Call (855)905-0875

  • Molded using durable copolymer plastic
  • Back tabs allow Hook-On® Bins to hang on louvered panels
  • Specially molded top edges allow stacking on any shelf
  • Angled front edge makes it easy to see contents and to pick parts
  • Additional ribbing and double wall front is incorporated in the design for increased rigidity and to prevent warping
  • Slots in front hold identification tags, cards, or labels
  • Molded finger grips make handling easy and comfortable
  • Model HPB30250-21 has slots for 3 dividers – all other models can accommodate 1 divider
  • Dividers can be placed horizontally or vertically
  • Divider break away features allow sizing of the dividers so you can access all products when bins are stacked
  • Fits neatly on the other cabinet and shelving brands
Mobile Wire Spool Rack Hook-On® Bins and Dividers
SKU Dimensions Color Carton Qty. Price

Hook-On® Bins

HPB30210-21 4″W  x  5″D  x  3″H Yellow 24 $1.90
HPB30220-21 4″W  x  7″D  x  3″H Yellow 24 $2.42
HPB30230-21 6″W  x  11″D  x  5″H Yellow 12 $7.31
HPB30240-21 8″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Yellow 12 $14.12
HPB30250-21 16″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Yellow 6 $25.09
HPB30210-17 4″W  x  5″D  x  3″H Red 24 $1.90
HPB30220-17 4″W  x  7″D  x  3″H Red 24 $2.42
HPB30230-17 6″W  x  11″D  x  5″H Red 12 $7.31
HPB30240-17 8″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Red 12 $14.12
HPB30250-17 16″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Red 6 $25.09
HPB30210-52 4″W  x  5″D  x  3″H Blue 24 $1.90
HPB30220-52 4″W  x  7″D  x  3″H Blue 24 $2.42
HPB30230-52 6″W  x  11″D  x  5″H Blue 12 $7.31
HPB30240-52 8″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Blue 12 $14.12
HPB30250-52 16″W  x  15″D  x  7″H Blue 6 $25.09
SKU Dimensions Color Carton Qty. Carton Price


HPB30161-08 Vertical Divider for HPB30210-21 Black 6 $13.66
HPB30166-08 Vertical Divider for HPB30220-21 Black 6 $16.54
HPB30171-08 Vertical Divider for HPB30230-21 Black 6 $19.04
HPB30176-08 Vertical Divider for HPB30240-21 and HPB30250-21 Black 6 $31.36
HPB30162-08 Horizontal Divider for HPB30210-21 and HPB30220-21 Black 6 $5.70
HPB30172-08 Horizontal Divider for HPB30230-21 Black 6 $9.57
HPB30177-08 Horizontal Divider for HPB30240-21 Black 6 $16.18
HPB30178-08 Horizontal Divider for HPB30250-21 Black 6 $31.09

Panel Rack Bin Trays


– To Order Call (855)905-0875

Hook-on trays are made of 16 ga. steel.
Wire drop handles are supplied on all hook-on trays.

SKU Dimensions Finish Weight Price
HDSH-124-95 11″W  x  3.75″D  x  1.5″H Powder Coat Finish 12 Lbs. $20.15
HDSH-184-95 17.25″W  x  3.75″D  x  1.5″H Powder Coat Finish 16 Lbs. $28.18


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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Weight 122 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 18 × 46 in

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