Pallet Leveler


  • Reduce injury from bending and lifting
  • 400 to 4,500 lb. load weight capacity

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Pallet Leveler

Pallet Leveler progressively lowers as pallet is loaded and raises as pallet is unloaded.

Three heavy duty calibrated springs used in combination according to desired load range.

Bearing supported carousel for easy turning.

Built-in 5-3/4 x 39″ fork pockets for ease of transport. truck as necessary.

Easily load and unload pallets with this 36″ x 45 1/2″ pallet leveler! This convenient tool works to progressively raise and lower pallets for easy loading and unloading, resulting in reduced employee fatigue and injury.

It works with loads up to 50″ x 50″ x 72″, and it has a 400 to 4,500 lb. capacity. Plus, it features 3 heavy-duty calibrated springs to adapt to the specific height and weight of your load.

Steel surcharges may apply.



  • 400 to 4,500 lbs. load weight capacity
  • This unit raises from 9 1/4″ to 29″ high
  • Includes a 40 3/4″ diameter rotating carousel to easily turn the pallet and maintain balance
  • Built-in 39″ x 5 3/4″ fork pockets for easy transport around your warehouse



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Some 4-Way Pallet Truck parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Weight 352 lbs
Dimensions 43.5 × 43.5 × 10 in

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