Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On Units


  • Consistently Increase Your Warehouse Storage Capabilities

Plastic or Wood Pallets… Which Is The Right Choice?  Read Here.

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Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On Units is your answer to complete warehouse shelving and storage. Ideal for bulk storage, automotive parts and retail stockrooms. Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On

These heavy-duty bulk storage racks save time and money, while allowing you to expand your warehouse storage capacity.    These racks are ideal for storing bulky and/or heavy items with the unique ability to store items directly on the floor because it does not require a shelf at the bottom.

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Pallet Rack Starter and Add-OnPallet Rack Starter and Add-On


Each unit is available as either 96″height or 144″ height.  96″ height units have two beam levels. 144″ height units have three beam levels.  Capacities vary based on beam width and largest beam spacing.  Units are available in 42″ or 48″ depth.

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Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On Units

  • Enables you to grow your storage capabilities to meet your needs
  • Organizes racks, shelves and products quickly and efficiently
  • Secures inventory and the contents of current pallet racks
  • Safeguards high-value inventory

Pallet Rack Starter and Add-On

Pallet Rack Starter and Add-OnPallet Rack Starter and Add-On

Clear SpanCapacity per pair (lbs)Beam-Face Height
96″5,200 lbs.4.1″
108″6,320 lbs.4.65″
120″6,140 lbs5″


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Some Pallet Rack parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 18 in
Starter or Add-On Racks

Starter Rack, Add-On Rack

2 or 3 Levels

2 Levels, 3 Levels

Shelf Decking Type

Front-To-Back Supports, Wire Deck

Rack Dimensions

96"H x 42"D x 96"W, 96"H x 42"D x 108"W, 96"H x 42"D x 120"W, 96"H x 42"D x 144"W, 96"H x 48"D x 96"W, 96"H x 48"D x 108"W, 96"H x 48"D x 120"W, 96"H x 48"D x 144"W, 144"H x 42"D x 96"W, 144"H x 42"D x 108"W, 144"H x 42"D x 120"W, 144"H x 42"D x 144"W, 144"H x 48"D x 96"W, 144"H x 48"D x 108"W, 144"H x 48"D x 120"W, 144"H x 48"D x 144"W

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