Pegboard Hooks


  • Space and Cost Efficient


Tool Storage



Pegboard Hooks offer practical and versatile solutions for storing tools and equipment on perforated storage panels. More the 50 different hooks and brackets ensure efficient storage and organization for all industrial tools. They have excellent carrying capacity and are easy to attach to the perforated panels, tool storage systems, industrial screens, and tool cabinets/trolleys.


The hooks can withstand heavy tools and loads up to 44 lbs. with the utmost safety.


Tool Storage solutions that are efficient and cost effective.
• Increase efficiency
• Improve productivity
• Optimal ergonomics



Pegboard Hooks For Perforated Storage Panels

Standard pegboard hooks for perforated storage panels. (Tools shown not included.)Tool Storage

Pegboard Hooks
H853207-51R1 (5/pk)1.18″L$15.89
H853208-51R1 (5/pk)1.96″L$14.41
H853241-51R1 (5/pk)1.96″L$16.08
H853211-51R1 (5/pk)3.93″L$17.43
H853213-51R1 (5/pk)5.90″L$17.69
H853215-51R1 (5/pk)7.87″L$21.90
H853217-51R1 (5/pk)11.81″L$39.59
H853218-51R2 (5/pk)1.29″L$20.97
H853220-51R2 (5/pk)1.69″L$24.51
H853221-51R2 (5/pk)3.93″L$26.30
H853223-51R2 (5/pk)5.90″L$29.50
H853224-51R2 (5/pk)7.87″L$33.18
H853225-51R3 (5/pk).393″L$16.49
H853226-51R3 (5/pk)1.96″L$16.54
H853227-51R10 (5/pk)1.10″L$35.79
H853228-51R10 (5/pk)1.29″L$36.18
H853229-51R13 (5/pk)6.18″L$35.18
H853231-51R19 (5/pk).511″Ø$25.17
H853232-51R19 (5/pk).748″Ø$25.57
H853233-51R19 (5/pk).866″Ø$25.84
H831646-51R21 (1/pk)8.66″L$14.10
H831700-51R24 (1/pk)2.55″L$14.72
H831719-51R24 (1/pk)3.14″L$17.29
H852167-51R24 (1/pk)3.93″L$23.09
H838896-51R26 (1/pk)6.29″L$45.70
H853234-51R29 (5/pk)1.57″L$25.45
H853235-51R29 (5/pk)2.36″L$28.05
H853236-51R29 (5/pk)3.14″L$40.00
H853237-51R30 (5/pk)1.37″L$14.23
H853238-51R30 (5/pk)3.34″L$17.43
H832162-51R33 (1/pk)1.18″L$15.53
H853239-51R35 (5/pk).669″L$26.24
H853240-51R35 (5/pk).669″L$26.90
H831433-51R37 (1/pk)1.57″Ø$8.04
H831441-51R37 (1/pk)2.36″Ø$8.98
H831603-51R37 (1/pk)3.14″Ø$8.79
H838357-51R41 (1/pk)21.88″L$18.85
HE818556-51Individual BoxMedium Wrench Holder$60.39
HE818430-51Individual BoxLarge Wrench Holder$64.35
H838365-51R42 (1/pk)9.37″L$11.17
H838373-51R43 (1/pk)9.37″L$26.75
H831794-51R46 (1/pk)4.40″L$7.91
(For plastic storage bins)
H831654-49R47 (1/pk)13.77″W x 4.72″D$20.75
H854043-49Paper Roll Holder (1/pk)11.81″L$118.53



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Some High Density Tool Storage parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Hook Type and Size

R1 (5/pk) 1.18"L, R1 (5/pk) 1.96"L 33 max lbs., R1 (5/pk) 1.18"L 44 max lbs., R1 (5/pk) 3.93"L, R1 (5/pk) 5.90"L, R1 (5/pk) 7.87""L, R1 (5/pk) 11.91"L, R2 (5/pk) 1.29"L, R2 (5/pk) 1.69"L, R2 (5/pk) 3.93"L, R2 (5/pk) 5.90"L, R2 (5/pk) 7.87"L, R3 (5/pk) .393"L, R3 (5/pk) 1.96"L, R10 (5/pk) 1.10"L, R10 (5/pk) 1.29"L, R13 (5/pk) 6.18"L, R16 (1/pk) 1.81"L, R19 (5/pk) .511Ø"L, R19 (5/pk) .748Ø"L, R19 (5/pk) .866Ø"L, R21 (5/pk) 8.66"L, R24 (1/pk) 2.55"L, R24 (1/pk) 3.14"L, R24 (1/pk) 3.93"L, R26 (1/pk) 6.29"L, R29 (5/pk) 1.57"L, R29 (5/pk) 2.36"L, R29 (5/pk) 3.14"L, R30 (5/pk) 1.37"L, R30 (5/pk) 3.34"L, R33 (1/pk) 1.18"L, R35 (5/pk) .669"L, R35 (5/pk) .669"L, R37 (1/pk) 1.57Ø"L, R37 (1/pk) 2.36Ø"L, R37 (1/pk) 3.14Ø"L, R41 (1/pk) 21.88"L, Medium Individual Box Wrench Holder, Large Individual Box Wrench Holder, R42 (1/pk), R43 (1/pk), R46 (1/pk), R47 (1/pk), R42 (1/pk) 9.37"L, R43 (1/pk) 9.37"L, R46 (1/pk) 4.40"L for storage bins, R47 (1/pk) 13.77"W x 4.72"D"L, Paper Roll Holder (1/pk)

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