Poly Rack System™


  • Three part system for maximum containment efficiency
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Poly Rack System™


Poly Rack System™ is the perfect containment solution for dispensing applications from 55-gallon drums.

Drum RacksThe Racker component of the system features a fully enclosed, compliant sump that allows it to be moved after a spill has occurred.

Nothing is more convenient for horizontal dispensing and containment than the Racker-Stacker systems.

Racks and stacks… What could be better!

Poly-Racker™ – One-piece polyethylene rack holds 2 – 55 gal. drums — 100 gal. containment sump. Deep dispensing well holds 5 gal. pails. Forkliftable. Measures 52″ x 49″ x 23″.

Poly-Stacker™ – holds 2 – 55 gal. drums and can be stacked with a forklift. Holds up to 2400 lbs. of UDL weight.

Poly-Shelf™ – easily attaches to Poly-Stackers™ and allows simultaneous dispensing from Stacker and Rack of drums. One piece molded polyethylene construction.


Poly Rack System™Drum Racks



  • Flow Rate = 90 gal. per min. per sq. ft.
  • Load Capacity = 125 lbs. (57 kg)
  • Material = 8 oz. Polypropylene, Non-Woven Geotextile
  • Adjustable frame to fit round catch basins
  • Multiple sizes, models, and custom sizes available


Poly Rack System™


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Some Poly Rack System™ parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Poly Rack System™ Models

Poly-Racker™, Poly-Stacker™, Poly-Shelf™

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