Powered Stretch Wrap Machines


  • Increase productivity in the shipping department or at the end of a production line
  • Complete with a powered turntable and counter-balanced stretch film mast
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Powered Stretch Wrap Machines are easy to operate — simply depress the foot pedal and manually move the mast up and down.

The film-wrap tension is controlled with an adjustable friction-brake assembly. Film placement is controlled manually by moving the carriage assembly up and down on the vertical mast.

Powered Stretch Wrap MachinesAn easy-to-release hand operated carriage-brake allows the carriage to move freely, making film application fast and simple. The system will accept 10″ to 20″ material.

Powered Stretch Wrap MachinesThe unit ships with mast disconnected. Simply raise the mast and clamp into place.

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  • Stretch wrap design increases shipping productivity
  • Simple depress foot pedal powers turntable
  • Manual mast allows user to wrap the needed areas
  • Steel construction provides a long lasting rugged use





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Powered Stretch Wrap Machine Optional Accessories
HSWA-5070LP-PMOPowered mast option (50″ & 70″dia.) factory installed621 Lbs.$2,635.87
HSWA-50-R-4848Approach ramp option for HSWA-50.  48″W x 39-15/16″L x 2″H221 Lbs.$667.92
HSWA-70-R-4848Approach ramp option for HSWA-70.  48″W x 39-15/16″L x 2″H200 Lbs.$683.95
HSWA-50-SCALEDigital Scale option for HSWA-50680 Lbs.$6,095.85
HSWA-70-SCALEDigital Scale option for HSWA-70884 Lbs.$7,095.87
HSWA-50-R-4860-SCLApproach ramp for scale option (HSWA-50)346 Lbs.$1,064.88
HSWA-70-R-4860-SCLApproach ramp for scale option (HSWA-70)352 Lbs.$1,283.95


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Some Powered Stretch Wrap Machines parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Powered Stretch Wrap Machine Tunable Diameter

50" Diameter, 70" Diameter

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