Rack Guards with Space Saving Engineering


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Rack Guards with Space Saving Engineering are installed at the end of rack aisles. The unique design allows you to install the guards around the rack legs saving you space especially where driving lanes are tight. The low profile guard also saves space on your first pallet position. Space saving rack protectors are ideal when space is tight.


Special notched design nests the guard closer to the frame saving floor space

Low profile 12” guard doesn’t block the first pallet bay

Heavy duty 3/8″ thick steel



  • Guard your warehouse racks, product, and people with Handle It end of row guards.
  • Heavy duty design 3/8” thick material
  • Low Profile guard saves space on your first pallet position
  • Notched angle design saves floor space at the end of your aisles
  • Welded Guards Single or Double Ended, in 42″ or 48″ lengths
  • Powder coated Handle-It yellow for high visibility


  • Low profile design save vital space especially in tunnel aisles and where oversized lifts are used with tight aisle tolerances
  • The formed guard doesn’t take up space on the first pallet bay position
  • There is a mounting point in the nose of the guard increasing holding power at the most important place, at the corner of the upright.

**Prices based on IRP-42RH-HD and IRP-42RH-HD**

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Weight25 lbs
Dimensions42 × 5 × 5 in