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Cantilever Bar Storage Rack

Rugged Cantilever Racks make efficient, time-saving work of storing long or awkward lengths of pipe, bar, tubing, lumber, poles, etc. Forklift easily loads on or off arms and bases. Bases can be used for extra storage. For longer materials, simply add braces and upright columns to fit your needs.

Arms are adjustable 3″ up and down the full length of the upright. Uprights are punched on both sides for use as single-sided or double-sided units. Arms and Uprights are ordered separately. All rugged heavy-gauge steel construction for sure, safe support of heavy loads and long life.

Steel surcharge may apply.


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Arms for Rugged Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks

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To Order Arms Listed Below…

Standard Straight Arms
W/Lip Product #WO/Lip Product #Weight CapacityLengthPrice
HSA12LHSA123,000 lbs.12″$52.79
HSA18LHSA182,500 lbs.18″$60.93
HSA24LHSA242,000 lbs.24″$65.09
HSA30LHSA301,500 lbs.30″$71.36
HSA36LHSA361,200 lbs.36″$78.37
HMA42LHSA421,100 lbs.42″$88.39
HMA48LHSA481,000 lbs.48″$91.93
Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Straight Arms
W/Lip Product #WO/Lip Product #Weight CapacityLengthPrice
HHDSA36LHHDSA362,175 lbs.36″$101.94
HXHDSA36LHXHDSA363,400 lbs.36″$143.63
HHDSA42LHHDSA421,865 lbs.42″$118.91
HXHDSA42LHXHDSA422,900 lbs.42″$156.19
HHDSA48LHHDSA481,630 lbs.48″$120.63
HXHDSA48LHXHDSA482,500 lbs.48″$158.66
Standard Inclined Arms
W/Lip Product #WO/Lip Product #Weight CapacityLengthPrice Ea.
HIA12LHIA123,000 lbs.12″$58.41
HIA18LHIA182,500 lbs.18″$63.07
HIA24LHIA242,000 lbs.24″$69.14
HIA30LHIA301,500 lbs.30″$79.06
HIA36LHIA36 1,200 lbs.36″$84.06

Braces for Rugged Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks

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To Order Braces Listed Below…

Braces For 8′ Uprights – Set of Two
 Product # LengthPrice Ea.
Braces For 10′ – 14′ Uprights – Set of Three
 Product # LengthPrice Ea.
Braces For 16′ – 20′ Uprights – Set of Four (Includes X Bracing)
 Product # LengthPrice Ea.

Cantilever Bar Storage RackHair Pin Keeper

The Hair Pin Keeper permits instant adjustability of arms, making them easy to insert and remove, so you have no trouble installing.  Cannot be worked loose while in service.

Maximum Standard Arms Per Upright
HeightSingle Double

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Some Rugged Cantilever Racks parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.


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Additional information

Weight7.5 lbs
Dimensions24 × 5 × 18 in
Standard Heavy Duty Uprights or Extra Heavy Duty Uprights

Standard Heavy Duty Uprights, Extra Heavy Duty Uprights

Upright Height

8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft., 14 ft., 16 ft., 18 ft., 20 ft.

Single Side Or Double Side/Weight Capacity/Arms Used

Single Side/28,600 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/24,700 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/21,500 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/18,300 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/16,000 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/14,200 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/12,800 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/28,500 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/24,600 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/21,300 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/18,200 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/15,800 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/14,100 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/12,600 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/28,200 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/24,400 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/20,900 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/17,800 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/15,600 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/13,900 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/12,500 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/27,400 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/23,400 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/20,200 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/17,600 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/15,400 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/13,700 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/12,400 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/23,700 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/20,300 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/17,600 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/15,300 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/14,000 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/12,900 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/12,000 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/22,200 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/19,200 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/16,700 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/14,700 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/13,600 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/12,700 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/11,900 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/20,600 lbs./12" Arms, Single Side/17,800 lbs./18" Arms, Single Side/15,800 lbs./24"Arms, Single Side/13,900 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/12,800 lbs./36" Arms", Single Side/11,900 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/11,200 lbs./48" Arms", Single Side/28,700 lbs./24" Arms, Single Side/24,800 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/21,900 lbs./36"Arms, Single Side/19,600 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/17,700 lbs./48" Arms, Single Side/28,400 lbs./24" Arms, Single Side/24,700 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/21,000 lbs./36"Arms, Single Side/19,100 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/17,600 lbs./48" Arms, Single Side/27,600 lbs./24" Arms, Single Side/24,300 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/20,500 lbs./36"Arms, Single Side/18,700 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/17,200 lbs./48" Arms, Single Side/25,900 lbs./24" Arms, Single Side/23,100 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/20,400 lbs./36"Arms, Single Side/18,200 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/16,800 lbs./48" Arms, Single Side/25,300 lbs./24" Arms, Single Side/21,800 lbs./30" Arms, Single Side/19,700 lbs./36"Arms, Single Side/17,600 lbs./42" Arms, Single Side/16,300 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/57,200 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/49,400 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/43,000 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/36,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/32,000 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/28,400 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/25,600 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/57,000 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/49.200 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/42,600 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/36,400 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/31,600 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/28,200 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/25,200 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/56,400 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/48,800 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/41,800 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/35,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/31,200 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/27,800 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/25,000 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/54,800 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/46,800 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/40,400 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/35,200 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/30,800 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/27,400 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/24,800 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/47,400 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/40,600 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/35,200 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/30,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/28,000 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/25,800 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/24,000 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/44,400 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/38,400 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/33,400 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/29,400 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/27,200 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/25,400 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/23,800 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/41,200 lbs./12" Arms, Double Side/35,600 lbs./18" Arms, Double Side/31,600 lbs./24"Arms, Double Side/27,800 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/25,600 lbs./36" Arms, Double Side/23,800 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/22,400 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/57,400 lbs./24" Arms, Double Side/49,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/43,800 lbs./36"Arms, Double Side/39,200 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/35,400 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/56,800 lbs./24" Arms, Double Side/49,400 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/42,000 lbs./36"Arms, Double Side/38,200 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/35,200 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/55,200 lbs./24" Arms, Double Side/48,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/41,000 lbs./36"Arms, Double Side/37,400 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/34,400 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/51,800 lbs./24" Arms, Double Side/46,200 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/40,800 lbs./36"Arms, Double Side/36,400 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/33,600 lbs./48" Arms, Double Side/50,600 lbs./24" Arms, Double Side/43,600 lbs./30" Arms, Double Side/39,400 lbs./36"Arms, Double Side/35,200 lbs./42" Arms, Double Side/32,600 lbs./48" Arms

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