Semi-Electric Pallet Jacks


  • 3,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Fully Electric – Power Drive, Manual Lift


Semi-Electric Pallet Jacks with electric-powered drive and manual lifting or lowering capability can easily handle 3,000 lbs. loads and drive at a speed of up to 3 mph. It comes standard with a heavy duty 48V/12Ah Lithium battery that provides a long-lasting performance as well as other benefits such as opportunity charge, longer service life, maintenance-free, lightweight and improved discharge and charge efficiency compared to standard batteries.

Pallet Jacks



This truck showcases an ergonomic control handle design with conveniently positioned functions which allow fast and efficient material handling as well as making it user-friendly. The Pallet Jack comes either in 21” or 27” wide and 45” long fork sizes which work well on any standard sized pallets, skids and cargo making it great for any material handling application.

Our Power Drive Pallet Truck has a compact frame as well as turtle speed and drive functions which makes it great even when working under tight and narrow conditions. It is made out of high quality steel with a WAGNER powder coated finish guaranteeing maximum strength and durability.

This Semi-Electric Power Pallet Jack is equipped with Polyurethane wheels which provide outstanding maneuverability guaranteeing smooth and stable movement. In addition to that, the drive wheels are covered in all-sides for added safety and security for the operator.


  • Compact and robust design ideal for narrow aisle and tight space applications
  • Ergonomic control handle design with turtle speed and vertical drive (pinwheel) capability enabling even tighter turning operation
  • Powerful 48V DC brushless motor with high gradeability, big transmission ratio gearbox and low energy consumption
  • High Capacity 48V Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery with low energy consumption, stable cells and longer running time and service life
  • Rigid fully enclosed drive wheel cover giving all around foot protection for operator
  • Multi-functional combo-gauge integrated with on/off push-button, battery discharge indicator, error code and speed setting gauge
  • Emergency switch located in an easily reach and control area, assuring the safety of the operator and the surroundings
  • One piece design controller intended for easy installation, maintenance and replacement when necessary
  • Removable key switch for access control
  • German WAGNER paint system ensures best powder coating and painting quality
  • All pivot points are greased to ensure smooth and quiet maneuverability with effortless steering
  • Equipped with Non-marking polyurethane steer and load wheels


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Some Semi-Electric Pallet Jacks parts may have sharp edges, so CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Fork Size

21"W x 45"L, 27"W x 45"L

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