Snap-Up Stinger Berms™


  • The Worldwide Leader in Large, Aggressive and Immediate Spill Response
  • Now available in 2″ L-Bracket sidewall
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Snap-Up Stinger Berms™



Snap-Up Stinger Berms™ lead the industry with a wide range of sizes and capacities for large-scale spill containment.

Features excellent rip, tear, and puncture resistance for the most demanding application or terrain.


Snap-Up Stinger Berms™




Easy to assemble snap-up design permits immediate response. Compact storage and transport with a Fuel/Chemical resistant containment area. Cold rated to -30°F.





Snap-Up Stinger Berms™

This is our most popular and intuitive containment berm. Available in a wide variety of sizes, the triangular stays create a sturdy sidewall and are welded in place, leaving no loose parts that can be lost.


Snap-Up Stinger Berms™
Snap-Up Stinger Berms™ with L-Brackets


The sidewall easily lays flat to be driven over by vehicles and other equipment.


Setup is a snap: simply slide the bottom portion of the stay into the appropriate pocket, and your chemicals are fully contained.




Snap-Up BermFeatures

  • Air-lance tested to ensure the seal of all welds
  • Liquid tested and reviewed for leaks
  • Top hem adds strength to the top of the sidewall (1″ safety factor)
  • All berms include serial numbers for quality tracking
  • Berms will fold into a space a fraction of its original size
  • Shipping sizes range from 2’x2’x1’H for smaller berms, 4’x4’x1′ for medium berms, and 4’x6’x1′ for larger berms
  • Small sizes commonly contain light plants, generators, light equipment, 55 gallon drums, and IBC’s
  • Medium sizes include containment for medium-size equipment, small vehicles, IBC’s, and machinery
  • Large sizes commonly contain large tankers, military vehicles, large equipment, and bulk storage of drums/IBC’s
  • Custom sizes available
  • Standard material: XR
  • Other materials available upon request, including: PVC, PTFF, and ULT
  • Custom materials

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Custom Equipment Company HELPS!

Some Snap-Up Stinger Berms™ parts may have sharp edges, so take CARE when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units, because safety always comes first!


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Additional information

Snap-Up Stinger Berm Models

Snap-Up Stinger Berms™, L-Bracket Stinger Berms™

Snap-Up Stinger Berm Sizes

4 Ft. L x 4 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 6 Ft. L x 6 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 10 Ft. L x 10 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 12 Ft. L x 12 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 12 Ft. L x 20 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 12 Ft. L x 36 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 12 Ft. L x 50 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 12 Ft. L x 60 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 20 Ft. L x 40 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 20 Ft. L x 60 Ft. W x 1 Ft. H, 10 Ft. L x 10 Ft. W x 2 Ft. H, 15 Ft. L x 15 Ft. W x 2 Ft. H, 20 Ft. L x 20 Ft. W x 2 Ft. H

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