Stack and Store Customizable System

    Stack and Store Customizable System





    Stack and Store Customizable System

    For optimal use of your Stack and Store Customizable System, choose accessories for your drawer interiors and then color options as seen at the bottom of the page. Need to Customize your Order to fit your every need?? Then click the link below!
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    • Drawer interior choices available in the Accessories – Stackable Customizable System
    • For ergonomic use of the floor space and height available, stacking is optimal.
    • Includes an L3 Lock on vertical drawer cabinets.
    • Includes an L3 Lock on bottom cabinets.
    • 100% drawer extension, as a result, more useable space.
    • The Rousseau drawer rolling mechanism is covered by a lifetime warranty.
    • The system must be anchored to the ground, wall or an adjacent fixed structure, as a result adding safety.
    • The system cannot be converted into a mobile unit.
    • Comfort-grip ergonomic handle with integrated drawer lock-in mechanism.


    NameStacking Storing Cabinets with Mezzanine
    No. DrawersCustomizable
    MaterialPainted steel
    Height (inches)Customizable
    Depth (inches)Customizable
    Width (inches)Customizable
    Products lineStackable and Storable Products

    And then Customize your Product with your choice of any of these Standard Color Options!

    Color Pallet for Stack System
    Then Choose Color Option


    With its quick and easy installation, the stack & store cabinet mezzanine allows you high-density storage easily accessible on two levels and a turnkey solution including cabinets, floor, railing and staircase. Choose a Location and then let us maximize the storage space.

    1 : Floor cabinets are pre-drilled for ease of installation. Dimensions promote access to content.

    2 : Personalize each of your cabinets, and then choose your drawer heights and then add doors or sliding shelves as desired.

    3 : Storage on two levels is easily accessible thanks to the stairs. It is possible to have one or two ramps.

    4 : The guardrail meets safety standards of 42 “in height.

    5 : The 30 “deep floor is installed on the first row of cabinets and is provided with a non-slip mat.

    6 : Accessorize your drawers to maximize and optimize storage space and then add color.


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