Stackable Shelf Bins


  • Strong, versatile, competitively-priced containers are made from heavy duty polypropylene
  • Efficiently store and organize small parts and supplies in these rugged, reinforced containers


Shelf BinsStackable Shelf Bins are an industry first and are ideal for medium size and large or heavy item storage.

These strong, durable polypropylene bins are available in 4 lengths and 3 widths. 12″, 14″ and 18″ deep bins have a built in rear hanger which allows bin to hang from louvered panels and rails.

Storage Bins and Shelving Video

Bins have a raised front opening when compared to any like product allowing you to truly maximize the complete bin’s storage capacity.

Optional cross dividers allow flexibility and keep parts organized. Large molded in front label slots for ID labels. Autoclavable up to 250°F and resistant to extreme cold.

Available in Black, Blue, Gray, Ivory and Orange.

Dividers and Wire Shelving Systems For Stackable Shelf Bins
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Stackable Shelf Bin Dividers
SKUStackable Shelf Bin DimensionsCarton Qty.Price per Carton
HDSS40312″L  x  8.25″W  x  7″H6$18.37
HDSS40512″L  x  11″W  x  7″H6$21.87
HDSS40114″L  x  6″W  x  7″H6$16.01
HDSS40314″L  x  8.25″W  x  7″H6$18.37
HDSS40514″L  x  11″W  x  7″H6$21.87
HDSS40118″L  x  6″W  x  7″H6$16.01
HDSS40318″L  x  8.25″W  x  7″H6$18.37
HDSS40518″L  x  11″W  x  7″H6$21.87
HDSS40320.5″L  x  8.25″W  x  7″H6$18.37
HDSS40520.5″L  x  11″W  x  7″H6$21.87

Shelf Bins Wire Shelving

Stackable Shelf Bin Wire Shelving Systems
SKUWire Shelving System DimensionsShelves BinsPrice
HWR8-42312″W x 36″D x 74″H828$808.69
HWR8-42512″W x 36″D x 74″H821$684.40
HWR8-44114″W x 36″D x 74″H835$1007.90
HWR8-44314″W x 36″D x 74″H828$923.99
HWR8-44514″W x 36″D x 74″H821$848.34
HWR8-46118″W x 36″D x 74″H835$1280.00
HWR8-46318″W x 36″D x 74″H828$1196.94
HWR8-46518″W x 36″D x 74″H821$1069.52
HWR8-48321″W x 36″D x 74″H828$1323.72
HWR8-48521″W x 36″D x 74″H821$1179.76




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Some item parts may have sharp edges, therefore CARE must be taken when handling various pieces to avoid injury.  For safety, wear a pair of work gloves when assembling and performing any maintenance on units.

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Additional information

Stackable Shelf Bin Dimensions

12"L x 8.25"W x 7"H, 12"L x 11"W x 7"H, 14"L x 6"W x 7"H, 14"L x 8.25"W x 7"H, 14"L x 11"W x 7"H, 18"L x 6"W x 7"H, 18"L x 8.25"W x 7"H, 18"L x 11"W x 7"H, 20.5"L x 8.25"W x 7"H, 20.5"L x 11"W x 7"H

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