Stretch Wrap Color Clear Cast, 80 Gauge, 20″Wx5000’L


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Clear Stretch Wrap Color Clear Cast, 80 Gauge, 20″Wx5000’L is Machine Length Stretch Wrap. It is a cost effective solution to secure the transportation of products while holding them safety together and protecting them from moisture, dirt, damage and theft. The strong 80 gauge, low density polyethylene film conforms and squeezes easily around products ensuring each item is wrapped tight in a completely elastic layer. This film has exceptional puncture resistance while retaining the highest pre-stretch level, making it a primary choice for wrapping products with protruding edges. In addition to having a higher resilience to tear and puncture, the cast stretch film unwinds much quieter than blown film. It is also easier to stretch and control the gauge of each layer as it is applied.

Minimum quantity is 20 rolls for given price.

Film is 20″ wide and 5000′ long making it ideal to use with stretch wrap machines.

Tinted Clear finish allows users to color code, label and designate loads that require different handling or treatment.

Product Details

  • Description: Machine Length Stretch Wrap Film
  • Handle not Included
  • Type: Cast
  • Package Quantity: 50 for best rate1
  • Style: Machine Film
  • Color: Clear

Weights & Dimensions

  • Width: 20 in
  • Length: 5000 ft
  • Gauge: 80 ga

Stretch Wrap Machine Video

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Additional information

Weight34 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 in